Friday, July 15, 2005

Hoolahoops, Booze & Music: A Review (Part I)

Geoff Trainor

This weekend, Casey, Tosha and I drove out to Rollo Bay for the Shoreline Festival. The festival, which ran Friday through Sunday featured an array of musical talents.

Casey and Tosha kicked it off Friday night to see Metric's set. I was absent this night, and know not what went on. But based on other nights I can make a guess.

From what I hear (and I heard it said many times over the course of Saturday and Sunday), Metric took a long time setting up, and Haines was annoying in her banter, but they were otherwise spectacular.

I joined the party Saturday night. We had planned on meeting Johnny, and as we were walking up with our stuff, low and behold I see an old friend, Dave Lipton. He tells us he know where Johnny is and will take us to him, and then disappears (apparently quite high).

After Casey and I took it upon ourselves to set up the tent, since everyone else seemed to be having trouble with it, we started to drink and made our way down to the stage. Kid Koala was on stage.

One Of The Many Gatherings After Aquiring Beer
Friend's Gather Away From The Stage When Jam Bands Play

"Oh good, we made it for him", I thought to myself. Well, I must say he has quite a short set, or we arrived late, one of the two, since he played for about 3 minutes and left. In enters Jimmy Swift Band, a crappy Jam band that plays Charlottetown dives all the time, which makes them none too excting. Perfect time for a beer refill.

We return to the tent for my beer. I grab one for my hand and two for my pockets and Casey fills up his water bottle with more beer. This time of the evening is well spent wandering. We bump into more people we know, and Casey decided to find Nick. He must repay a milliion ba-jillion dollar debt to Marc Creed. This is where things start to get fuzzy in terms of timelines. I know during this time we ate some overcooked clams, and the Ninja Turtle's theme song was sung. And Spot (Peter), gave us all our new names. As Jimmy Swift's set was ended, Finnigan, Burlesque, and I (Rudolph) made our way down to the stage to hear Buck 65.

Buck 65, Straight Out Of Hell
Buck 65 on what appears to be a stage representation of Get Behind Me Satan

Buck 65 took the stage, Casey left...and was lost. I went to look for him after a couple of songs, with no luck. Athis point, Tosha joined me in my search...and she found Moe. We started walking back and there Casey was, filming Buck 65. From this point we watched this rest of Buck 65. Buck 65's set was pretty awesome, wish he could have gone on longer, as the follow-up was yet another jam band, the The Benevento Russo Duo.

Soon after we found Lipton again, who had just left Johnny. Seems we kept just missing him, but Casey and I both got granola bars out of it, mmm. So we left to go back to the tent. On the way back we stopped in a field and decided we should get the (30 dollar Ultimate) frisbee. Well, I waited in the field...and everyone left. Eventually Moe returned and the two of us watched whule some people were playing with some passed out guy. Looked as if they were trying to burn his hair or something...

Taking a Picture From The Field Where I Waited For Some Frisbee ActionWhile Casey was gone, Radiohead took the stage. Okay, maybe not, but The Benevento Russo Duo started doing to Radiohead covers, and despite Pitchfork Packman's negative response, I enjoyed it. When the Radiohead stopped, I gave up on waiting for Casey and went to look for him. I found him at the tent, and we headed back to the field for some great frisbee action. Casey and I were drunk enough that it made it difficult, so we gave up and decided to play soccer with the frisbee...except it seems that you cannot do that with an "Ultimate Frisbee".

Enter Rain. As the rain started to fall everyone ran for their tents...but not Casey, Tosh and I. We moved the large hill overseeing the stage and hid under some trees. After some time spent here, we moved down the hill and back to the tents...where we stayed the rest of the night, much to Casey's disapproval.

To Be Continued...

Scratch Bastid - 11 Minute Set (Montreal 2004)
Scratch Bastid - The Dirty Dirty
Jimmy Swift Band - Two Hands On The Wheel
Jimmy Swift Band - The 80's Runway Model
Jimmy Swift Band - Now They Will Know We Were Here
The Benevento Russo Duo - Everybody Wants to Rule the World

Comments on "Hoolahoops, Booze & Music: A Review (Part I)"


Anonymous mOe said ... (16/7/05 10:11 am) : 

aaaahhh!! drunken ultimate frisbee! i've now found the secret to playing good frisbee, play drunk! my aim was hella good.

reading this, i kept thinking, i don't remember that... do i...? for instance, in the field waiting for the frisbee, i dont' recall leaving then coming back to wait (i remember actually going to the tent though). i thought i waited there the whole time... was i really that drunk..?


Blogger Casey Dorrell said ... (16/7/05 4:25 pm) : 

Not as good as my aim . . .


Anonymous mOe said ... (18/7/05 1:49 am) : 

i should state: my aim was better drunk than it was sober. no that it was good drunk either though.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (31/3/09 3:00 pm) : 

The Jimmy Swift Band are a good band, and Buck 65 is shit by comparison. I know people have the right to their own opinions, but mine is that you're fucking stupid.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (15/5/09 10:25 am) : 

Kudos on the last comment.. the JSB are fuckin amazing and if you really appreciate music then you'll know their show is incredible...hey if ya don't like them thats fine, but to call them crappy (1st comment), ha, wow, people like that call themselves music snobs... riiiight... they're really just music knobs.. Support the scene..



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