Thursday, June 23, 2005

Back By Internet Demand!

Casey Dorrell

Although I find it perplexing that the entire internet appears to reside at Johnny's Money City Maniac blog, I won't question it lest I risk turning the internet's empty depair into directed anger (Google holds far more disturbing thoughts on this). And so this is reunited Mocking Music's triumphant return. Instead of the regular old Mocking Music, though, the revitalized blog now boasts up to 65% Less Fat than Other Major Music Blogs. That's right, the sickeningly obsese and slothlike 6-7 posts a week are over for good. Expect 3-6 posts a week, saving you countless music calories. Same packaging, less content. Enjoy.

Mocking Music Light

Topics which may or may not grace Mocking Music in the near future:
Velocity Girl - It's All Right By Me
Ben Kweller - On My Way
Looper - The Spider Man
S - Falling
Matmos - Lipostudio . . . and so on
Mark Mallman - Hardcore Romantics

Comments on "Back By Internet Demand!"


Blogger George said ... (23/6/05 10:59 am) : 

k. maybe there is less fat.. but where the flavour?


Blogger Johnny said ... (23/6/05 11:02 am) : 

Seeing as how you mentioned the Jeff Coll Five (the world's greatest dance band named after the world's greatest dancer), you should put a link up to Windom Earle's site:

In the "Music" section you can download all of the JC5s never released album. Everyone should check out "Mordecai" and "Oh No".

P.S. The Internet and I are good buds. He stays with me when he's in town for a gig.


Blogger Casey Dorrell said ... (23/6/05 4:01 pm) : 

Ah, yeah, I have all of it downloaded, but I really am doing a post on it so I wasn't bothering linking until then (the jeff coll 5 nylons/aerosmith reference is about the song "oh no").

Give a shout-out to the net for me.


Blogger mel said ... (24/6/05 2:41 pm) : 

oh yea... hawksley review... I haven't been putting that off at all...


Blogger Draper said ... (29/6/05 3:40 am) : 

Odd. I clicked the "Im a lazy bastard, so give me a random blog to keep me from having to sort through them all" tab while on your site, and (as luck would have it) was linked to the "Punch Yoko Ono in the Face" blog. Not really something worthwhile to post about, but I figured I would forget by the next I see you, and not be able to remember the story correctly anyway.


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