Monday, May 30, 2005

New Music Casey

Casey Dorrell

Last night I undertook an exercise in sheer unadulterated brilliance. I was supposed to go out after work - but having gotten up about 6 hours earlier than I'm used that day and Friday, I was tired. I'll just lie down for a minute and read, I thought, but I won't go to sleep. Then it was almost 12. Brilliant. This did, however, allow me to listen to CBC Radio 3. Below are some of the more interesting groups that were on yesterday.

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People For Audio
Jazz-influenced Instrumental Indie Rock - God Speed! You Black Emperor with more layered less crescendo-reliant song structures, and minus the samples. Reverb-Heavy Jam music for people who hate jam music.

Threat From Outerspace
I know nothing about rap so I'm not going to try to describe this. Except that it's good, and maybe you'll like it.

Clever. Polyphonic Spree's less silly and less sincere cousins. Group twee pop harmonies that might put some off.

One part lesser New Pornographers, one part "len for people too cool to listen to len".

South San Gabriel
When Sufjan Stevens is just folking out too hard, play this group. Somewhat boring folk-rock, but damn pretty.

Chad VanGaalen
Bedroom recording above the rest. The best O.C. band you never heard on the O.C. My favorite of the bunch.

People For Audio - And This Will Be Our Homecoming
Threat From Outerspace - Walking on the Width of a Blade
P:ano - Light to Love
Enon - Shave
South San Gabriel - The Dark of Garage
Chad VanGaalen - Somewhere, I Know There's Nothing

Comments on "New Music Casey"


Blogger George said ... (30/5/05 9:03 am) : 

My friends were lying to me about the extra $50 bucks.. So ignore that. haha..


Blogger Geoff Trainor said ... (30/5/05 4:42 pm) : 

Casey, you know we only talk about the most mainstream bands here, what do you think you are doing?


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