Thursday, May 26, 2005

Vines Bassist Wants To Get Free?

Geoff Trainor

Vines bassist, Patrick Matthews, out on his ownLast year Craig Nicholls, frontman for The Vines, was disagnosed with a neurobiological disorder called Aspergers Syndrome.

Now the band is in Sydney, in studio for the first time since the diagnosis, recording a follow-up to Winning Days with Wayne Connolly producing.

"Craig is in a great frame of mind and is healthier than he's ever been. The band will demo 13 new songs which are sounding brilliant - mainly heavy, poppy and melodic plus two amazing acoustic numbers. The band are genuinely excited about being back together in the studio and can't wait to see what comes out. Thanks so much to each every Vines fan who has been patient and understanding above and beyond the call of duty."

However, bassist Patrick Matthews is on tour with his other band, Youth Group. There is some confusion as to whether he is still part of the band. Drummer, Hamish Rosser, told Sydney's Sunday Telegraph that he didn't know if Matthews would take part in the recording sessions.

The Vines before Patrick's departure...or is it?
A quick photoshop job could replace Matthews with whatever bassist steps up

All I have to say is 'Who really cares about the bassist?' I mean, it's not like he's Nate from the Foo Fighters. White Stripes doesn't even have a bassist. Of course, I don't really know what I'm talking about....but that's okay. Either way, new Vines is always good.

The Vines - Get Free
The Vines - Ride Streaming (56) (100)

Comments on "Vines Bassist Wants To Get Free?"


Blogger Johnny said ... (26/5/05 9:34 am) : 

Bass players get no respect.

Speaking of which, any of your readers in Halifax should go to the One World Cafe on June 4th to see me play bass with PEI favourite Matt Packman.

You might remember Matt from such awesome bands as Windom Earle and The Jeff Coll Five as well as not so awesome bands such as Sharp Like Knives.

Joining us on bells will be the lovely Amanda Bambrick. Also playing are the Sleepless Nights and Thomas/Richard. It promises to be an evening of boring acoustic acts, but with us in the middle to bring the motherfucking party!

I think we're playing under the banner "Catholic Gaydar", although that might change to the less sacreligious "Stiff Kitty". I know Jesus is on our side, it's the rest of the world that's against us.


Blogger Geoff Trainor said ... (26/5/05 1:25 pm) : 

You play with Packman? I miss the little tell him to come pay Casey and Geoff a visit!


Blogger mOe said ... (26/5/05 2:23 pm) : 

woo packman!

hey, some chic came into my work last week or so wearing a 'sharp like knives' shirt.
and i was talking to a guy from the band i think one night a few weeks ago. i don't remember when, who, or what about. i just remember the name of the band came up.
at least.. i think he was in the band...

anyhoo.. agreed with the lack o' respect for bassists. or something.
not that i play bass. it just always seems like they get left in the dark.
but i guess it might have to do with not being called something like lead bassists or whatever.

this comment is full on nonsensical babblings that are almost totally unrelated to the post it's assiciated with.


Blogger Casey Dorrell said ... (26/5/05 7:00 pm) : 

Maybe they don't do anything deserving of respect?

Speaking of respect, we still have a Jeff Coll 5 sticker on our garbage can here.

Was actually thinking about Packman with yesterday's Malkmus post, he played Malkmus's second CD all the time - Something abnout Pigs?


Blogger Johnny said ... (26/5/05 9:21 pm) : 

Pig Lib. It's teh sex.


Blogger Casey Dorrell said ... (26/5/05 10:14 pm) : 

That's the one. I have enough pavement albums that the jicks seem almost redundant.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (22/6/06 12:30 pm) : 

:'( Oh my fucking god, I freaked out when I bought the new CD and found no Patrick....I LOVE Patrick Matthews!!!! ...IT"S FUCKIN BULLSHIT!!! and how could you just he's just the bassist!?!?!? ...You obviously don't love the band!!! Can't you hear their change in sound!? They don't even sound like The Vines anymore.... barely... When I found out that David left, I was really depressed, and now that Patrick's gone, it's barely the band I loved from the beginning... Craig is definitely enough to keep me listening and I DO love Hammish and Ryan.... but it's it's miserating. I'm done.


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