Saturday, May 14, 2005

Grohl Suits Up To Fight Some Republicans

Geoff Trainor

I've been waiting, oh so long, for some Foo Fighters news. After what seems like months, news about Foo Fighters' In Your Honor has arrived.

During last year's presidential election, President Bush had been using Foo Fighters material, such as "My Hero' as part of his election rallies. Dave Grohl, known for being anti-Bush (he joined the ranks of Anti-Flag, NOFX, and Rancid on last year's Rock Against Bush Vol. II), was upset by this move. So what did he do? Joined forces with "the other guy."

Dave Grohl and John Kerry, brought together by mutual dislike of Bush
Dave Rocks Against Bush

"I don't give a shit if President Bush likes my band. I just don't want him using my music at his campaign rallies. So rather than sit back and watch, I took action . . . not as Mr. Foo Fighter, not as Mr. Nirvana, not as Mr. Rock Star . . . just an American citizen from Springfield, VA, who wrote those songs with an acoustic guitar and a notebook and a pen in his basement. Sing those songs, which are supposed to represent love, and hope, and compassion, and inspiration, and truth for a person that I 'personally' believe represents all of those things."

Grohl joined Democrat John Kerry on the election trail playing, live for his campaign, the very songs that Bush had been using in his own campaign. The Foo Fighters frontman has recently revealed that his time on the road with Kerry a was sort of inspiration behind the bands upcoming release, In Your Honor, due to his stores June 13th (I'll be sure to sign that day off of work to get it).

Dave Grohl + John Kerry = An Invincible Bush Wrecking Machine
If Math 101 Were Like This More Students Might Attend Class

"I went out and supported John Kerry on his campaign trail, only really because George W. Bush was using one of our songs at his political rallies. It just goes to show how out of touch that man is if he's using our songs at his rallies. There's no way of stopping the president playing your songs, so I went out and played it for John Kerry's people instead, where I thought the message would kinda make more sense.

So I spent quite a lot of time on the trail. When I'd play at these things I'd play acoustic, so it wasn't like a Foo Fighters show, and the first 20 rows of the audience would all be people in wheelchairs, then farmers, then schoolteachers and blue collar factory workers, but it was really cool.

And I got to see how all these people came together, really strong people, passionate and devoted to this honourable cause. The strength of community and human will, it was inspiring. The album, although it isn't a political record, I was really, really inspired by how passionate people were last year to make a change."

I wonder if Bush will take any songs off In Your Honor for any sort of campaign. That would definately be amusing. Maybe he can use it for an army recruitment video. I do seem to remember hearing Disturbed in some sort of Army video. Possibly at the theatres . . . mmm . . . Revenge of the Sith.

Anti-Flag - Turncoat
Foo Fighters - Gas Chamber Live at Quart Festival 96 (song on the Anti-Bush compilation)
Foo Fighters - I'll Stick Around Live at Quart Festival 96
Foo Fighters - Wind Up Live at Manchester Apollo 97

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Comments on "Grohl Suits Up To Fight Some Republicans"


Blogger Clublint said ... (14/5/05 7:20 am) : 

Grohl should sue Bush for copyright infringement.



Blogger Aiden Witmore said ... (14/5/05 8:45 pm) : 

i agree with clublint. Grohl doesnt deserve such vile fiends like bush touching his music. such genius men dont need that on their resume. "music used by bush, 2004 election"

i like your blog. i love how political you are. and ANTI-FLAG FUCKIN ROCKS!!!


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