Sunday, May 08, 2005

Tribute to Cobain Is In Bloom

Geoff Trainor

Director Gus Van Sant is imagining the final hours of what many consider to be the end of the grunge movement. Last Days follows a tormented Blake (Michael Pitt), as he hides from record execs, management, and friends, leading up to his eventually death. Although the movie does not name Cobain, Blake a Co. share a striking resemblance with Kurt and the rest of Nirvana.

Van Sant has said that this movie is not about Kurt, but in tribute to him, "He's like a Shakespearean Hamlet, reflecting on his personal ghosts and demons".

Also to avoid any disagreements with fans, Van Sant was sure to stay clear of drawing any conclusions as to what exactly happened on April 5th, 1994. The movie has received the blessing of Courtney Love.

Kurt Cobain (L) and Michael Pitt (R)

Kurt Cobain Michael Pitt from Last Days
Where Can I Get My Pair?

The movie premiers May 11th at Cannes and will be released September in the UK.

Trailer - Last Days (Streaming)
Nirvana - Old Age (1991 Outtake)
Nirvana - Token Eastern Song (1989 Demo)

Kurt Cobain Gets Locked In Vault With Jesus

Comments on "Tribute to Cobain Is In Bloom"


Blogger Casey Dorrell said ... (8/5/05 4:09 am) : 

Cobain's sun glasses are more fun


Blogger mike said ... (8/5/05 8:43 am) : 

hey Geoff, thanks for working out the problem with my blog, its all good now :)


Blogger Jay said ... (8/5/05 8:48 am) : 

Well if Courtney Love approves, then I'm game.


Blogger Casey Dorrell said ... (8/5/05 10:00 pm) : 

ha ha, jay, that's what I was thinking.


Blogger carrie said ... (11/5/05 5:35 pm) : 

sweet blog! thanks!!!!!


Blogger Layla said ... (12/5/05 12:57 am) : 

Casey...I like your blog. Very witty and creative and I might even check out a few bands you recommend (The Like Young). Also thanks for reminding me of The Guess Who and Elvis Costello.

I posted a reply to your post on my blog...make sense?

Lastly, I am sad for Ozzy. Back in my day Sabbath was just starting out.



Anonymous Aubree said ... (21/9/06 6:04 pm) : 

i love kurt and his awesome sunglasses he is the best


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