Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Darwin: 0 Casey: 3

Casey Dorrell

Casey - Entertainment Associate Tag

Customer: I'm looking for the soundtrack to The Last Samaurai.

Casey: Sure, we-

Customer: Would it be under T?

Customer: Or S?

Casey: Uh . . .

*Casey counts to five to avoid saying something unpleasant*

Customer: L?

Ok, so this was a really short one, but it's one person that represents so many others. Besides, how many of you actually read the whole the Like Young profile? Yeah, I thought so.

Hans Zimmer - Leave No Man Behind
Neil Young - Heart of Gold (Searching for Heart of Gold? Now would that be under "H" for Heart or "G" for Golden, maybe "O" for of?)

Arguing With Darwin
Darwin was a Fraud

Comments on "Darwin: 0 Casey: 3"


Blogger Jay Santos said ... (12/5/05 12:06 am) : 

Loved the soundtrack comments....I owned a music store for 16 yrs, and the comments (and tastes) of some would leave you speechless.

Like the guys(and they are legion) who dress like Elvis, complete with glasses,sideburns and fat ass jeans, ask what you might have by the king....and then walk out empty handed because they already own it.And they ALWAYS leave with "thank you very much" in a southern drawl, and I live in New England.

Umm Sir? He's dead, there's nothing new out!


Blogger Casey Dorrell said ... (12/5/05 1:07 am) : 

ha ha ha, that's great . . .

The best is when you don't have something so the customer goes on to explain how much they wanted said item as if expecting, "a ha! You passed! We have copies but we only want to give it to people that reeally want them"


Blogger Casper Vidor said ... (12/5/05 12:25 pm) : 

Idiot! A clerk being angry with some dillhole because they don't know the organizational scheme of your store is like a brain surgeon getting pissed at the patient who can't find his parietal lobe.

You are PAID to know douche bag. Don't like being asked these questions--quit!


Blogger Laura said ... (12/5/05 9:31 pm) : 

ha! You know what'd be really funny? Making a comp of all the dumb/strange conversations that goes on at record shops or specialty bookstores. It's a good laugh...and also a little scary if you think about it.

And for the record, I read *most* of the Like Young profile. But I think something strange distracted me and I couldn't finish...


Blogger Casey Dorrell said ... (12/5/05 10:49 pm) : 

Sweet! Hate mail.. you know you've made it when.

I didn't realize knowing the alphabet was a marketable, specialized skill . . .


Blogger mfd said ... (12/5/05 11:48 pm) : 

Admit it casey, you didn't know the alphabet before you started your current job, did you!? Didn't your workplace actually invent human language in order to develop a written alphabet so that CDs could be stored in an arcane and impossible to follow "alphabetized" format?


Blogger mel said ... (13/5/05 3:05 am) : 

I think that's why they titled the site "Mocking Music," since both words start with the same letter, if they end up on any alphabetized lists, people won't have trouble figuring out what letter they're under, because, apparently, there's a lot of folks out there confused by this complex organizational method. It sure is a good thing we have sharp guys like Casey out there with finely honed alphabetizing skills, raking in the big bucks in such a challenging atmosphere. How long did you study, man? 13, 14 years before you got on there? You sell yourself short dude. Maybe some day our friend casper vidor can attain the level of literacy required to master such a skill. Yes, knowing the alphabet is just like knowing the map of the human brain.


Blogger carrie said ... (13/5/05 7:55 am) : 



Anonymous mOe said ... (13/5/05 10:31 am) : 

they learned me my alphabet in school.


Blogger Draper said ... (17/5/05 7:09 pm) : 

I ain't had no schoolin' above third grade, but I can find them compact discs real easy-like.


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