Friday, May 13, 2005

The Killers Go Full Circle

Casey Dorrell

Put together a promising next gen gaming system (xbox 360), a high-demand actor (Elijah Wood), and the excellent new-wave revival Band Killers and what do you get? A 30 minute informercial that never tells you about the product its selling. But, we're a music site so let's focus on the music, shall we?

Killers + Elijah Wood + Xbox = ?

When the program started off, I was told by a zealous Wood that I was to soon witness a Killers performance like no other. This seemed pretty exciting - 'they must be playing a new song for the first time,' I thought to myself (Lies, I didn't - but it's more interesting to portray myself as naively optimistic, so let's just suspend disbelief for the sake of the loose narrative structure I'm trying out, ok?). I sit through the "Pimp My Ride" guys, um, "pimping" the xbox. I sit through a lame gaming competition which is, admittedly, a lot like when my friends and I get together and play video games. Except these people are really good. Oh, and the crowd of shrieking plastic females - not a gaming experience I'm familiar with. But it's ok - The Killers will be on soon.

Elijah Wood, the apparent host of the farce, is back on screen. He is happy, very happy. And fake, much more fake than an actor should ever appear. Perhaps he's enthusiastic about the extra padding he's adding to his wallet once this is over, maybe he's just a really big fan of the Killers. "Ladies and gentleman, it's a night of firsts. It's the first time you've seen the new xbox 360 and it's the first time you'll see the Killers perform like this!" enthuses Wood.

Killers with xbox 360
We Have An Xbox That Looks Like an Xbox That You'll Buy In February of Next Year

This is it! An exciting Killers performance! Cue Killers playing their single "Mr. Brightside." A competent but uninteresting performance. As the playing ends and the program returns to more vague xbox 360 references, I'm left wondering what was so different about this performance. Then I realize. It's probably the first time the Killers had people paid to cheer for them.

At the end of the infomercial, Weezer's "Beverly Hills" fades into the Killers playing "Smile Like You Mean it." What a fitting song.

Killers - Smile Like You Mean It

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Comments on "The Killers Go Full Circle"


Blogger mOe said ... (13/5/05 10:34 am) : 

i saw that... was almost curious enough to stay awake.
glad i didn't. figured something would be mentioned here anyway. even if it's an x-box.. and not music..


Blogger Casey Dorrell said ... (13/5/05 10:06 pm) : 

it's music...


Blogger mOe said ... (14/5/05 2:46 am) : 

at the time i saw the show on the menu channel i didn't know the killers were involved. so i guess at the time it was strictly gaming.

my head hurts... i'm going to stop thinking now and go to bed.

no sleep and no caffeine make moes brain sluggy (-er than normal)


Blogger Draper said ... (17/5/05 7:12 pm) : 

That is got to be the best play on the Killers lyrics ever. I laughed alot at that. Strange how we had that huge conversation at work about this subject, a while back, and I just see the motivation behind it now.


Anonymous Casey said ... (17/5/05 7:53 pm) : 

Yeah, I think when we talked, it was the day after I posted this.


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