Saturday, May 28, 2005

Grohl Avoids Possible Keychain Injury

Geoff Trainor

In Your Honor Album CoverAs previously reported here at Mocking Music, Foo Fighters are releasing a two-disc album on June 13th, entitled In Your Honor. One disc featuring classic Foo Fighters rock, and the other an acoustic album.

To avoid bodily injury while touring, In Your Honor, Dave Grohl has decided that he won't be playing anything from the acoustic album. Instead, he will do a theatre tour featuring the songs from the side of the disc.

"I know that at some point we'll begin touring for the acoustic record. I'd like to play some little theatres with all our additional musicians. Do it live. I want to keep the acoustic stuff separate from the rock, just like they are on the album. The last thing you want to do it whip out an acoustic ballad and get some keychain in the face."
Tonight on Newstation 5...
Tonight: Ex-Nirvana Drummer Attacked While Performing Acoustic Piece.

What does that mean for fans? Well for me, nothing, I wouldn't likely get the chance to see Foo Fighters, period (the last time I had an opportunity to see them was the last time Our Lady Peace put on Summersault. I missed said opportunity). For others, it means having to see two shows to get the entire experience. Of course, that won't bother a lot of fans anyhow.

Foo Fighters - Best of You (First Single off In Your Honor)
Foo Fighters - Darling Nikki (Prince Cover)

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Comments on "Grohl Avoids Possible Keychain Injury"


Blogger UncleWendy said ... (28/5/05 2:39 am) : 

woof, all of it straight from the pages of Rolling Stone. How's about something new? different? antithing? What'cha got that's not so mainstream, my friend????


Blogger Casey Dorrell said ... (28/5/05 6:05 pm) : 

How's about you figure out how to use the recent post links, or the site navigation, friend?

How's about the Hidden Cameras, the Like Young, Tegan & Sara, the Gamits, the Weakerthans, Yo La Tengo, the Streets, Anti-Flag, Hot Hot Heat . . .

How's about my tendency to base my musical value judgements on the actual merit of the music rather than its indie creditibility?

How's about me being naive in thinking of music as an art form rather than a brand?

How's about that?


Blogger mfd said ... (28/5/05 6:38 pm) : 

Are you suggesting people read the site before commenting on it? Doesn't that sound like work? Doesn't it???


Blogger Geoff Trainor said ... (28/5/05 7:40 pm) : 

I was just about to say what Casey said...but with the added..

"Look at the cool photo-edit I did!"


Blogger Laura said ... (28/5/05 11:26 pm) : 

Who really cares about indie, anyways? Last time I checked, indie was supposed to be for the nerds and the rock and rollers were the cool kids.


Blogger mel said ... (31/5/05 3:35 am) : 

speaking of site navigation, isn't there some updating to be done there?


Blogger Casey Dorrell said ... (31/5/05 1:57 pm) : 

Yeah, I've been a bit lazy - We're one profile and two concert reviews behind. I really should do that soon.


Blogger Casey Dorrell said ... (31/5/05 1:58 pm) : 

er . . . three. Hum. Tomorrow, it will be all spiffy and up to date.


Blogger Geoff Trainor said ... (1/6/05 11:26 am) : 

I suppose I could do stuff like that too...but I'm equally lazy.


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