Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Obscure UK Band To Reform?

Geoff Trainor

Dark Side of Live 8This year marks the 30th anniversary of little-known Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here. It turns out that it also marks the year Pink Floyd put their differences aside. The UK-based quartet, Roger Waters, Nick Mason, Dave Glimour and Rick Wright will take the stage at Live 8 in Hyde Park for the first time in 20 years.

At Glastonbury in 2002, Waters mentioned a reunion in the works,

"He (Nick Mason) and I have rekindled our friendship to some extent, so it's (a reunion) possible. It might be a laugh."

The band plays July 2nd at Hyde Park for UK leg of Live 8.

Good news for sure, too bad Casey stole the dictionaraoke download already.

In Other News Foo Fighters' In Your Honor is released today, go out and buy it....I mean now, stop reading (unless you have not read my last post, then you have permission to continue, otherwise...) and go to your local music store.

Pink Floyd - Summer '68
Pink Floyd - Mother

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Anonymous The Internet said ... (19/6/05 5:58 pm) : 

Dear Mocking Music,

I can't live without you. Please don't go away again! My mathematic heart could not compute my sadness in a reasonable period of time.


The Internet


Blogger mfd said ... (21/6/05 1:48 am) : 

Listen to the Internet. It has eerie powers!


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