Monday, June 13, 2005

Grohl Suits Up To Fight Some Pop-Stars

Geoff Trainor

Well, tomorrow is going to be a real battle. It marks the release of two albums. One, half rock, half acoustic double album by the Foo Fighters. The other, half love ballad, half shit (okay, maybe more than half) album from the Backstreet Boys.

Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters (L) and Nick Carter of Backstreet Boys (R)

Foo Fighters' Frontman, Dave Grohl VS Backstreet Boys' Heartthrob, Nick Carter

This is a battle as eternal as bottoning the top botton on that dress shirt your grandma bought you 6 years ago, and are still forced to wear every Christmas when she comes over to visit. It's In Your Honor vs Never Gone, Nick vs Dave, Rock vs Pop, Boy Band vs Real Band, but who will come out the victor?

It'll be a tough call. Have the Boys' fanbase of teeny bopper girls grown up? How many of them will still hear "The Call" and buy the cd, now that "Backstreet's Back"?

Caught With Pants Down
The Backstreet Boys not ready for the Tuesday release battle

We all know which side I will be taking, well, anyone that's read any of my posts for the past couple months at least. I will be there, supporting Grohl, who supports John Kerry. Using the transitive property of equality (a=b b=c, therefor a=c), does that mean I support Kerry?

Regardless of who I support politically in a country where I cannot vote, I urge you all to make the right decision and buy Foo Fighter's In Your Honor.

The Battle
Foo Fighters' In Your Honor VS Backstreet Boys' Never Gone
Foo Fighters - In Your Honor & Backstreet Boys - Never Gone

Foo Fighters - Best Of You (from Disc I of 'In Your Honor' Streaming)
Foo Fighters - Virginia Moon (from Disc II of 'In Your Honor')
Backstreet Boys - Incomplete (24.2 MB Video Single from 'Never Gone')

Comments on "Grohl Suits Up To Fight Some Pop-Stars"


Blogger Laura said ... (13/6/05 10:13 pm) : 

Oh come on, should there even be any question? Foo Fighters vs. Backstreet Boys, awesomeness vs. popsuckness. But then again, there are plenty of artists of questionable merit on the charts of today...and Bush does happen to be our president.


Anonymous Breanna said ... (13/6/05 11:34 pm) : 

Wow, you were serious about the BSB with no pants...I am very amused :)


Blogger Casey Dorrell said ... (14/6/05 12:31 am) : 

I'm guessing that not an inclusive we, Laura, as Mocking Music has no President. We do, however, have a Queen. I keep trying to vote Harry out of the monarch but it's not working so far.

Another note: I saw the picture and the caption and thought, "What the hell? It doesn't say 'caught with pants down'! What the fuck is wrong with Geoff?" Then I read the img title text and all was right with the world.


Anonymous guile said ... (4/7/05 6:43 am) : 

you've got good taste in music :)..


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (25/4/06 1:31 pm) : 

just so you all know, the backstreet boys did that shoot for testicular cancer awareness. i think it was good of them to help the foundation, so get your facts right before you rip a band that have been around for longer than the foo fighters, i like both groups, i am into loads of rock, pop, rnb and loads of different types of music. just because they dont play instruments doesnt mean their shit. your sites shit thought. the backstreet boys have probably worked harder in one hour than you have in one fucking year. get yourself a girlfriend and keep your mouth shut you fucking know it all!


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