Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Killers Reveal Thrilling Movie News

Geoff Trainor

Thriller is the best selling Michael Jackson album ever released, and was probably Michael Jackson's best album . . . which I suppose is not saying much. It is, though, the only album of his I actually enjoy. Beat It, Billy Jean, and of course the title track Thriller, all great songs.

Well, for the release of that album, Jackson made a 13 minute movie for the song Thriller, spawning the "Thriller Dance". Anyhow, I'm starting to ramble. Another band is working on a similar idea.

The Thriller Dance!
Are the Killers out to create a dance craze like this one?

The Killers plan to produce a 25-minute movie which the band compared to Michael Jackson's Thriller.

"We want to make a movie-- not so much a music video-- based on three songs to be played on MTV."

The three songs including in the movie are Midnight Show and Jenny Was a Friend of Mine, off their debut Hot Fuss, as well as an unreleased song Leave the Bourbon on the Shelf. The story, the murder commited by a jealous boyfriend, and its aftermath.

The band have already started talks with Hollywood directors and actors for the film, and hope to have to released by year's end. It's release will help null the pain for Killers fans waiting for the follow-up to Hot Fuss. The band is set to enter the studio in November.

The Killers - Jenny Was a Friend of Mine
The Killers - Midnight Show
Fan Movie - Thriller Dance

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Comments on "Killers Reveal Thrilling Movie News"


Blogger George said ... (1/6/05 2:58 pm) : 

Maybe The Bravery will come back with somthing similar.. haha. Or so The Killers will tend to think.. Stupid Rivalry.


Blogger Casey Dorrell said ... (1/6/05 11:48 pm) : 

hah, yeah. I like the Killers pretending they came up with 80s synth.


Blogger Scott said ... (2/6/05 7:23 pm) : 

Thriller really was a good album.


Blogger George said ... (3/6/05 10:40 am) : 

You mean they didn't come up with it???? What the fuck?.. Drinking tonight?


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