Monday, July 18, 2005

Year of Reform, Not the Manning Type

Geoff Trainor

These days all I ever seem to report about is either me being drunk, or bands reforming. Today is no exception. Well, okay, maybe that isn't 100% accurate.

The Pixies influenced a whole generation of early 90s rockers, including the late Kurt Cobain. Last year, the group reformed for some live shows and recorded a couple new songs, 'Bam Thwok' and 'Ain't That Pretty At All', a cover released on a tribute album for the late Warren Zevon.

Rocking Out in Tobey's Hometown
The Pixies Just Before Playing a Show in Pleasantville

Now, for the first time since 1991's, (14 years for those arts students out there) Trompe Le Monde, the Pixies are planning to record a new studio album. Pixies frontman, Black Francis, told the Sun,

"It's all hugs and kisses, I'm pleased to report. We have been discussing recording a new album lately. As happy as we are with the success of the reunion tour, we really want to make a record for the right reasons, whether it is successful commercially or not".

Tomorrow (July 19th) Black Francis is releasing a solo album entitled Honeycomb (under the name Frank Black), his first since 1996's The Cult of Ray.

Pixies - Where Is My Mind (Live December 2004)
Pixies - Debaser (Doolittle 1989)
Pixies - U-Mass (Trompe le Monde 1991)

Comments on "Year of Reform, Not the Manning Type"


Blogger Casey Dorrell said ... (18/7/05 2:12 pm) : 

Don't steal Apple's glory, damnit.


Blogger Ms. Rayon said ... (19/7/05 12:33 am) : 

heard about that. hope it doesn't suck.

is his solo stuff any good? i never followed any branches off the pixies treetrunk.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (31/7/05 6:56 pm) : 

checkout Mr Francis' "everything is blue" - not bad at at all. U-mass is where kurt stole the riff for nevermind from - although he made better use of it IMHO.


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