Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Fishing For Live Eels

Geoff Trainor

There could be many ways to catch a live eel. Matt Johnson has his own views on the topic. Those of us too busy or, more likely, too lazy to do it his way have found salvation in the form of a CD and DVD due February 20th of next year.

Eels at one of their many world tour gigs
I Wonder Just How They Breathe Out of Water?

The album was recorded this past June in New York during the Eels world tour. It marks the third live album released by the Eels, but is the first to hit stores (the others having been internet only releases). Despite an outcry from fans to release a polka album, Eels have decided to do a live album, with strings.

From the mouth of Eels frontman E,

"I'm not going to make a polka album just because I can. It's not in me, not this year, anyway, and I'm not doing different things to try to dazzle the audience with my wide horizons. There's just some stuff in me that needs to come out."

The sets from the Strings tour differ considerably from what fans have come to expect from Eels live, as the quirky off-the-wall loud sets have been exchanged with low-key interpretations. Shows typically begin with the tongue-in-cheek announcement that "tonight, the Eels will not rock."

Eels With Strings - Live At Town Hall will be released in two formats, CD and DVD, each with its own respective features. Not only will 26 Eels songs spanning their illustrious career be included on the new album, but so will some Bob Dylan covers: Girl From The North Country, Johnny Rivers, and Poor Side of Town.

Tentative Tracklisting:
01 Going to Your Funeral part 2
02 Dust of Ages
03 In The Yard, Behind the Church
04 Bride of Theme from Blinking Lights
05 A Magic World
06 Son of a Bitch
07 Blinking Lights (For Me)
08 Dirty Girl
09 My Beloved Monster
10 The Only Thing I Care About
11 Bus Stop Boxer
12 Pretty Ballerina
13 I Like Birds
14 Girl from the North Country
15 Railroad Man
16 Trouble with Dreams
17 If You See Natalie
18 I'm Going to Stop Pretending That I Didn't Break Your Heart
19 Dead of Winter
20 Flyswatter
21 Novocaine for the Soul
22 Losing Streak
23 The Stars Shine in the Sky Tonight
24 Souljacker Part 2
25 Hey Man (Now You're Really Living)
26 Things the Grandchildren Should Know
27 Dog Faced Boy
28 I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man
29 Mr. E's Beautiful Blues

Eels - Girl From The North Country (Eels With Strings Tour - not upcoming release version)
Eels - I Like Birds (Eels With Strings Tour - not upcoming release version)
Eels - Railroad Man (Eels With Strings Tour - not upcoming release version)
Bob Dylan - Girl From The North Country

Bob Dylan - Nashville Skyline
Eels - With Strings - Live At Town Hall (DVD)

Comments on "Fishing For Live Eels"


Blogger Casey Dorrell said ... (20/12/05 12:54 am) : 

Yeah, I'm thinking that may be the best picture we've made on here so far, though I might be biased given that it's Eels.


Anonymous mfd said ... (20/12/05 2:34 am) : 

That is a mightily impressive photo, and it sounds like the album will be OK too.


Anonymous Jim el Buho said ... (20/12/05 9:43 am) : 

I don't understand why 'Not Ready Yet' has never been hailed as a 90s anthem to rival 'Bitter Sweet Symphony'. Sad to see so few songs from Beatiful Freak, to me their high point, and NRY no longer on the set list.


Anonymous Ajay Shroff said ... (20/12/05 3:45 pm) : 

Nice Blog, Should add this to my daily trail.


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