Monday, December 26, 2005

Eminem Tortures More Than Just Kim

Geoff Trainor

Love it or hate it, most people have heard, or heard of, Eminem's infamous track, Kim. In the track, Mathers, explicitly depicts beating his ex-wife, Kim. New reports allege that Eminem, or more exaclty, his music is now being used as a form of torture in a literal sense. Wait a sec, that's not news at all...

The Human Rights Watch has reported that the US is using the rapper's music as a means of torture to US detainees at a secret prison near Afghanistan, refered to as the "Dark Prison".

The group reports claims from a prisoner saying that inmate were forced to listen to the music of Dr. Dre and Eminem, while in a pitch-black prison, to make them suffer. After 20 days, the rap was replaced by ghostly laughter and Halloween sound effects.

In League With Bush All Along
The Face For America's War on Terrorism

The HRW claim the inmates were chained to the walls and deprived of sleep while in the facility. These allegations have been denied by US authorities and the CIA has yet to comment, but the HRW are calling for an enquiry.

Personally, I don't see the problem. Radio and Television have been using the genre publicly, as a form of musical torture for years; the US has just now realized its full potential.

Eminem - Kim
Mocking Music - Kim Remix (Eminem)

If You Add a Buck Fifteen, He Sounds OK

Comments on "Eminem Tortures More Than Just Kim"


Anonymous mfd said ... (26/12/05 9:30 pm) : 

Now that Bush has agreed to spell his name on a document stating that the US won't engage in torture, I'm sure this sort of thing won't happen any more, unless, of course, they decide to adhere to a definition of torture that excludes most of the types of torture they already use. You can guess the odds on that.


When Noriega holed up inside his compound in 1989 US soldiers bombarded the place with Bon Jovi and AC/DC among other rock groups. Apparently they were concerned that reporters in nearby buildings would be able to listen in on the negotiations, though some did tout the rock as an effective tool for psychological harassment. The US decided to cut it out after a few days as Bush Sr. was embarressed after getting a lot of complaints from world political pals that the tactic was rather petty and made the US troops look like jackasses.


Blogger Johnny Wadd said ... (29/12/05 5:44 pm) : 

They have been using this type of torture for years. I think it was during the first gulf war or perhaps the invasion of Panama where they would blast Twisted Sister's We're not gonna take it & Metallica's Enter Sandman and enemies.


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