Friday, January 13, 2006

Ch-Ch-Check It Out

Geoff Trainor

Beastie Boys have finally discovered my great remixes here on Mocking Music and decided to help me along. You see, I was browsing their website tonight, looking for a possible mailing list when I discovered they have updated their page. Gone is the bleak grey and blue (colour scheme from their latest, To The Five Boroughs), replaced by a colourful yellow/orange motif. Well, along with the change seems to be most of the content of the site. One thing though caught my eye.

Beastie Boys After Hearing My Remix
Amazed At How Great Our Remix Is....Obviously

Now available are a cappellas versions of some of their more popular songs, so that I (some might say it was for all fans, but I know the truth Mike D) can remix their songs for Mocking Music. Also included is a remix forum so that users can share their remixes. Casey and I have listened to quite a few and have decided to post our favourite here for you, along with the third Mocking Music Remix.

Now be warned. I am paving the way to new ground in remixing. I have made a remix unlike any other. Normally, you would expect the beat to sort of match up with whatever you are mixing with. Not is groundbreaking material which will later be looked upon years from now as a leap forward in the art of mixing.

Mocking Music - Metroid Triple Trouble (Beastie Boys) *Recommended
Neutrino - Check It Out (Beastie Boys Remix)
Beastie Boys vs The Smiths
Beastie Boys & DJ Chuck - An Open Letter To Stan

Comments on "Ch-Ch-Check It Out"


Blogger michele said ... (13/1/06 4:01 pm) : 

Wow how coincidental...i just picked up a beastie boys album yesterday. It was only a dollar
at the salvation army store.Come to find out this one is their best.
Licensed to ill.
Well casey hope you're not scared
come out and play.


Blogger Casey Dorrell said ... (13/1/06 7:52 pm) : 

I cower.

Surprised you're a Beasties' fan.


Blogger michele said ... (13/1/06 8:26 pm) : 

I'm not a beastie's fan...well fight for your right to party was
okay...never understood brass monkey..even though i use to drink a lot of it.Are you going to come out to play or be scared of the big bad wolf..a.k.a jazz coffee ?


Anonymous Moka said ... (14/1/06 5:28 pm) : 

Oh it has the metroid theme on the background ha! kind of disastrous but I'll take it.
Thanks for mentioning the motel on a past post. This is my first time around here. I like the idea of resuming the most attractive posts you found every week, I keep bumping into some very recommended posts but I keep forgetting where they came from. I might start a notepad with those posts also...
Thanks, I'll be linking back to this site right away.


Blogger Geoff Trainor said ... (16/1/06 4:55 pm) : 

You say disastrous, I say breaking new ground.


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