Thursday, January 19, 2006

Darwin Doesn't Do Elvis Impersonations or "Kiss Me, I'm Elvis"

Casey Dorrell

Customer: Could you show me where your Elvis DVDs are?

Casey: Yep, it'll just be one moment - I have to find a CD for this customer.

*Casey goes to look for **** CD*

Associate: Hey Casey, someone's looking for Elvis DVDs, could you help her out?

*Casey finds CD*

Casey: Yeah, just about to.

*Nearby customer 2, who appears in his mid forties, overhears*

Customer 2: Heh heh heh . . . Here's some Elvis!

*Customer 2 waves about a Kiss DVD*

Casey: Hah, yeah.

Customer 2: You could be like, "this is Elvis"

Casey: Uh, yeah.

*Customer 2 turns to wife*

Customer 2: Oh, I'm too mean! Heh heh.

*Casey differentiates music DVDs from movie DVDs for custromer 1 who then leaves sans Elvis.

Customer 2: Heh heh. More Elvis here!

*Customer 2 begins waving about his Kiss DVD again*

Customer 2: You Know, we're here looking for Music DVDs and we still have about 10 unopened at home.

Casey: Ah . . . Ok.

Customer 2: We really like 'em.

*Casey wonders why they haven't opened them yet then*

Customer 2: Hah, I Should have showed that woman this DVD! 'Here's your Elvis!'

*Customer 2 again shows Casey his prized Kiss DVD*

Casey: I don't think she would have gone for that.

Customer 2: I'll bet, heh heh.

*Customer 2 sees someone he knows*

Customer 2: Hah, there was this lady here looking for Elvis, so I'm like . . .

Belle and Sebastian - A Century of Elvis
Ai Phoenix - Elvis
A-Set - The Kiss
Lucero - Kiss the Bottle (Jawbreaker cover)
Foo Fighters - Kiss the Bottle (see above)

Belle and Sebastian - Push Barman to Open Old Wounds
Ai Phoenix - Lean That Way Forever
A-Set - The Kiss
Lucero - Dreaming in America

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Comments on "Darwin Doesn't Do Elvis Impersonations or "Kiss Me, I'm Elvis""


Anonymous Johnny said ... (19/1/06 9:24 am) : 

Best photoshopped post graphic EVAR.


Blogger Casey Dorrell said ... (19/1/06 1:40 pm) : 



Anonymous Laura said ... (19/1/06 4:47 pm) : 

oh the joys of working in a music store! I've felt your pain.


Blogger michele said ... (19/1/06 6:20 pm) : 

Well isn't that special.


Blogger Casey Dorrell said ... (19/1/06 6:41 pm) : 

If by that, you mean me, well, yes.


Blogger michele said ... (19/1/06 9:11 pm) : 

You are so full of yourself.You're
just a mere mortal not able to leap
tall buildings at a single bound.
Ha i have elvis 1st album 1956..
wanna buy it?


Anonymous Draper said ... (24/1/06 12:09 am) : 

Sounds like the music department I remember.


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