Saturday, January 21, 2006

Karate Kurt VS The Intoxicated Two

Geoff Trainor

Thursday night I wrote about a Halifax based quartet gracing PEI with their presence. Wintersleep were here and Casey and I, along with a surprise guest Kurt, went to check them out.

In usual Casey and Geoff fashion, we were late. You see, Casey, not wanting to be sober at Myron's again (like the Joel Plaskett show he wrote about never got around to writing about), had some drinks before we left. Actually, so did I, but that's not important. Not gonna bore you with details, but Kurt showed up un-expected, decided to come along, and all three of us arrived at Myron's somewhere between 11:30 and 12.

As mentioned here, and more in depth here, Casey and I do not like Myron's. It seems the below average intellegence of its clientele is spreading to the staff. Last time I was there, I asked for draft Guinness, which I was informed by the waitress that they do not carry. This time, I was at the counter and saw the Guinness draft spout, so I asked again. This guy, someone different, also told me that they do not carry it...oh but wait, what is that just to the right of him. He notices the Guinness and tries pouring some.

"Oh wait, I think this might be...yeah, this is Guinness, do you want a pitcher?"

Mmm, Guinness
Geoff Sure Looks Good In That Tie...(Mmm, Guinness)

We get our beer, and head to a booth to sit and drink it. But wait, someone else wants the booth. Miles, who leads the opposing group, suggests we engage in a best out of three hand to hand duel known as rock, paper, scissors. I lost the first round, but come back to win two, which got us the booth in question. So there we sat, while we waited for Wintersleep to take the stage. During which time I drank a pitcher of Guinness, and Casey drank a pitcher of Sleeman's (minus half a glass that Kurt had), some whiskey or vodka drink, and a shot of jagermeister.

Wintersleep @ Myron's
Wintersleep performs an encore, afraid of possible vegetable injuries if they don't

Wintersleep is up, time to move closer. The three of us take the trek up to the stage and meet up with fellow mocker, Rollins (whom had Wintersleep's latest top his top 25 of 2005). I spent the rest of the show taking pictures and taping. Wintersleep performed a great set. There were guitars played above heads, drum solos, and a three song encore. All the necessities of a great "rock show". I recorded two full songs on video, which I had planned on uploading for you, but I was drunk as well. When you are drunk you don't think about why it's a bad idea to record standing directly in front of a speaker.

Unfortunately, Casey blacked out due to excessive liquor consumption (let that be a lesson kiddies). I know he enjoyed the show too by his quote to Rollins,

"I have to admit, you were right. They were pretty fuckin' awesome".

After the show we talked briefly to a couple of the band members, and Casey took his incognito picture one of the guys scratching his beard. Eventually we left, got some pizza and Casey and I had a streetfight (in the middle of University Avenue). After Casey lost the fight to a tree, he bolted to the car of his sensei Karate Kurt, for more teachings. Or perhaps he just wanted a drive home.

Wintersleep - Lipstick
Wintersleep - Listen [Listen, Listen]
Wintersleep - Insomnia

Wintersleep @ Maple Music

Comments on "Karate Kurt VS The Intoxicated Two"


Blogger Casey Dorrell said ... (21/1/06 10:36 pm) : 

I liked this, but you kind of got away from the point when you started describing that band . . . thankfully, you quickly get back to the important topic: us.


Blogger Calum Marsh said ... (21/1/06 10:55 pm) : 

New site title: Mocking Casey. Nice ring to that.

Wish I coulda been there fellas.


Blogger Geoff Trainor said ... (22/1/06 3:51 am) : 

I also forgot to mention the grungesque (better than grungey?) band that opened.


Anonymous Draper said ... (31/1/06 11:29 pm) : 

Yes Casey; I do post on here from time to time.


Anonymous moe said ... (3/4/06 7:17 pm) : 

hey i just found this now. see in that first picture, the guy sorta sitting on the edge of the stage with the camera? if you look directly above him i'm pretty sure that's my face. i was standing directly behind him, slightly off to his side for pretty much the whole thing. OH WOW I'M FAMOUS NOW!

i don't remember seeing you guys there, but from the position the picture was taken i looked your way several times. unforunately i need glasses worse than i care to admit.

ps goddamn i hate myrons.


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