Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Today's State Of Affairs

Calum Marsh

"Pssst - Did you hear? Calum likes us!"

So the new Mates Of State LP, Bring It Back, has finally leaked all over that miraculous medium called the internet, which is sure to create a heck of a lot of buzz around indie-town. If you're unfamiliar with the group, they're a husband/wife duo specializing in yummy little pop songs about...being married, I guess. But seriously, I've never been too crazy about them in the past, save for the occasionally catchy track; their discography is comprised mostly of mediocre albums (their best album, Team Boo, is far from perfect), but they've got a handful of really terrific tunes scattered across the discs. I'm cool with their sound, but without a solid album under their belt they didn't really stand out in my mind as anything special. For the most part they're a "mix tape" band, in that you find the occasional song sneaking its way on to a whole lot of your iTunes playlists but you probably wouldn't put much thought into them beyond that.

If I'm painting a less-than-spectacular portrait of Mates Of State, I apologize. They're very good, and I do like them, but I need albums, people! Thankfully, though, the Mates have heard my qualms and have acted to deal with me concerns. Yes, Mates Of State's soon-to-be-released Bring It Back is exactly the album I was waiting for: building on the formula that's (sort of) worked in the past, the group has matured a great deal without losing their original charm - a very tricky balance for a growing artist to achieve - and has managed to craft a thoroughly solid album that is surprisingly good from start to end.

I feel a lot more comfortable calling Mates Of State a great band now that they've come up with such a great album. I'm sighing with relief, too, because I'm really getting sick of defending my position on the matter with certain Mates-loving hipster friends. So, yes - Mates Of State: officially a great group.

Mates Of State - Goods (All In Your Head)
Mates Of State - Like U Crazy [New Album]
Mates Of State - Think Long [New Album]
Mates Of State - Halves And Have-Nots
Mates Of State - Throw Down
Mates Of State - Tan/Black
Mates Of State - What I Could Stand For

Mates Of State - Team Boo
Mates Of State - Our Constant Concern
Mates Of State - My Solo Project

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Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1/2/06 11:20 am) : 

crazy bands, is you that much longer than u?


Blogger Calum Marsh said ... (1/2/06 1:35 pm) : 

Full-word spelling is fo suckas.


Anonymous mfd said ... (1/2/06 5:31 pm) : 

It's three times as long!


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