Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Guess That Art: A Mocking Music Contest

Calum Marsh

You've been very good to us, dear readers. That's why we want to give back to you. What we have here is a little contest that you, the faithful but needy reader, can participate in to win luxurious cash (minus the cash and luxury) prizes.

What is this mouth-watering contest of which I speak? Well, this is Mocking Music, of course, and that catchy title is more than mere alliteration: it means we actually do mock music (but only occasionally). I'll divulge the details of this adventure: just scroll down and have a gander at my beautiful cover art image, drawn completely from scratch in MS Paint (true story). This is the first of many parodies (or mockeries!) of popular album covers. Every Wednesday, until we run out of free stuff or cover parodies, we'll have another contest.

All you have to do is determine what album the picture is mocking. Just jot down your answers (artist name and album title will do) in the comments section and you may just be the lucky winner - easy, right?

The first person to answer correctly this week will win Aloud's 2004 album, Sooner it Comes (reviewed here), and two mix CDs featuring some of Mocking Music's favourite songs of 2005. You can either enter by commenting or by emailing us. If you enter through the comments, it's important that you include your email or check back to the site within the next day to see if you're a winner so we can get your contact information.

Here is this week's image. I've taken the liberty of making them super easy to start you off. We expect correct answers promptly.

Winner: Congratulations to the mysterious H. or D. Hereford (we're not sure on this) who correctly answered less than half an hour after the contest went live. Check back next Wednesday early AM for a new "Guess That Art" contest.

This is my personal favourite of those I've done so far. Although you can't really tell, I'm the character on the left. This is, I swear, drawn from scratch on Paint. I'm just that awesome.

For download, we have two songs from the Aloud album up for grabs, and a few rare MP3s (as well as some songs I insist you hear just because I'm telling you to) that won't be on your mix albums if you win, because your songs, they'll be even better - we're the site that keeps on giving. Don't you love us?

Aloud - (Hey Now) What's it to You?
Aloud - Don't Trust the Radio
Hot Chip - Crap Kraft Dinner (because Candice hates them)
Neutral Milk Hotel - Up And Over We Go (Unreleased Demo)
Nine Inch Nails - Closer (Aphex Twin Remix)
This Heat - Sleep (Best band ever? Maybe!)
Death Cab For Cutie - Spring Break Broke (B-Side)
Jurgen Paape - So Weit Wie Noch Nie (because Laura's obsessed)

Hot Chip - Coming On Strong
This Heat - Deceit
Erlend Oye - DJ Kicks

Comments on "Guess That Art: A Mocking Music Contest"


Anonymous ilayout @ said ... (5/4/06 2:55 am) : 

You're a Woman, I'm a Machine -- Death from Above 1979

ilayout @


Blogger Casey Dorrell said ... (5/4/06 3:08 am) : 

Nice, 25 minutes after it went up. :)


Anonymous sam said ... (5/4/06 3:32 am) : 

yes i love you


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5/4/06 7:27 am) : 

That's a really easy one

At first I was wondering why iy looked so messed up, but then I actually read the post

Microsoft Paint is seriously underrated



Anonymous The Internet said ... (5/4/06 8:44 am) : 

I hate to correct ilayout, but I'm almost positive this is the cover to Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers' groundbreaking single "Islands in the Stream". Kenny's the one with the beard.

I'm mean, like, duh!


The Internet


Blogger Calum Marsh said ... (5/4/06 10:20 am) : 

Actually it's Black Eye'd Peas' semenal hit "Elephunk".


Blogger Casey Dorrell said ... (5/4/06 12:05 pm) : 

The Internet! It's been so long.


Anonymous Corey said ... (5/4/06 12:18 pm) : 

Internet it that you? I've been waiting for you to speak.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5/4/06 11:40 pm) : 

The Death Cab Song is a gem. There is a lot of weird clicking at the end of the song though. Is that part of it? If not, can it be re-upped with out the clicking.


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