Saturday, April 01, 2006

Changes In A Competitive Blogosphere

Geoff Trainor

It seems like everyone and their Aunt May has an mp3 blog these days. With so much competition, we here at Mocking Music find it hard to keep up. It seems to get ahead, you need to have some sort of hook. Something that sets you apart from the rest of the mp3 bloggers out there, like Take Your Medicine and UK music, or Jazz Coffee and bad music.

We've never had a focus, though, and knew we needed one to gain a wider audience. First we were going to do a Kids Music blog. That went out the window when Jack Johnson released that Curious George album. All the trendy kids were talking about it. Then we thought of doing 60-90s classic music, but there wasn't enough new material to present our fans.

This Guy Made A Career Out Of Video Game Music

It wasn't until I did my Video Game Pianist post that we realized our calling. So from now on, we are going to dedicate Mocking Music Mocking Mario to music from video games. This, we hope, will be our edge. Something to keep us fresh and new. We plan on being strict with the new focus, so you'll find nothing that's unrelated to gaming. We'll change our sidebars shortly to reflect the change, and we may delete our archived posts, but that's undecided so far. Thoughts?

Now, on to business, our first topic as a new site. A few months back, I was checking out some Metroid sites, and came across this gem. Metroid Metal is a site that does metal covers of Metroid soundtracks. The results are pretty sweet. I'm not a huge metal fan, but I am a huge Metroid fan, so these songs are definately worth checking out.

Metroid Metal - Boss Medley
Metroid Metal - Brinstar
Metroid Metal - Norfair
Metroid Metal - Title/Menu Theme
Say Hi To Your Mom - But She Beat My High Score

Mozart of the Mushroom Kingdom
Full Album Friday: The 8Bits of Christmas

Comments on "Changes In A Competitive Blogosphere"


Anonymous Mike said ... (1/4/06 12:45 am) : 

April Fool's to you too! (I swear you 'almost' got me.)


Blogger Alisa said ... (1/4/06 1:04 am) : 

Ooh flaming the fire between you and Jazz Coffee...I like it.


Blogger Casey Dorrell said ... (1/4/06 1:07 am) : 

Oh shit, I guess we should have checked the calendar before changing the site direction.

No joke.


Blogger Casey Dorrell said ... (1/4/06 1:17 am) : 

Hey Alisa, I just realized, looking through our comments, that you've been visiting our site, since, well, we had a site. So, you're clearly awesome - So much so that I'll even forgive you for liking Dave Matthews. I'm a nice guy.

Seriously, though, thanks for visiting us - it makes us happy.

Hope you like our new site focus.


Anonymous michele said ... (8/4/06 5:40 pm) : 

Well that was just mean,cruel and rude.Quoting charlie brown,why is everybody picking on me?


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (24/3/09 6:08 am) : 

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