Saturday, April 01, 2006

Guitar Lame

Casey Dorrell

Have you heard of the game Guitar Hero yet? If not, you probably will. It's this god-awful Playstation 2 game that makes use of a PS2 Guitar unit, which is basically a small plastic guitar with the strings changed for five buttons, a fret switch, and a lever. With that, you get to play the game, which involves pressing the buttons in the proper sequence to mimick playing various guitar songs. And then, well, then nothing. That's it. That's the game.

The game has gotten rave reviews from everyone, critics and players alike. But isn't it a bit lame to spend hours playing this, instead of, you know, a real guitar? There ought to be something embarrasing about practicing and getting good on a fake guitar with no ability to play an actual guitar. Sure, all games are emulations, but I'm not going to go sword fighting in real life. But then, maybe someone will figure a way to hook them up to computers, then they can add something to live laptop shows.

Franz Ferdinand's "Take Me Out" is just one of many songs you can pretend you're able to play with the game.

Franz Ferdinand - Take Me Out (Live)
Franz Ferdinand - Take Me Out (Acoustic)
Franz Ferdinand - Take Me Out (Hot Chip Remix)
Franz Ferdinand - Take Me Out (Bebop Remix)
Franz Ferdinand - Take Me Out (Daft Punk Remix)
Scissor Sisters - Take Me Out (Franz Ferdinand)
The Magic Numbers - Take Me Out (Franz Ferdinand)
Kidz Bop - Take Me Out (Franz Ferdinand)
Biffy Clyro - Take Me Out (Franz Ferdinand)

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Comments on "Guitar Lame"


Anonymous Jason said ... (2/4/06 11:53 am) : 

I think Scissor Sisters actually did the song first.


Blogger Casey Dorrell said ... (2/4/06 12:19 pm) : 



Blogger Jonathan Migneault said ... (2/4/06 1:33 pm) : 

I hate to admit it but Guitar Hero, like karaoke, is quite fun when played in a state of intoxication with a group of friends. That said, if you enjoy playing this game sober and alone seek help immediately.


Blogger Casey Dorrell said ... (2/4/06 2:10 pm) : 

Everything's fun when you're drunk. Including peeing. Though that's perhaps better experienced alone than in a group of friends, but I'm not here to judge.


Anonymous rollins said ... (2/4/06 6:48 pm) : 

people who haven't played this game don't understand how fun it is!
p.s. the song selection is awesome, stop hatin'!


Anonymous Mark said ... (3/4/06 8:21 pm) : 

Guitar Hero is a good GAME. It isn't taking anything away from playing real guitar. If you want to have a good time and enhance your hand and eye co-ordination then try it out. It isn't as bad as you think. Even if you do play actual guitar it's still a fun game. Mark says: PLAY.
P.S. Guitar Hero was given the 2005 award for best soundtrack for a game...word.


Blogger Casey Dorrell said ... (3/4/06 9:55 pm) : 

Ha ha, I never said anything bad about the soundtrack, damnit. Though if you look below, it's clear MLB 2K6 has a better soundtrack.

Would I like it if I played it? Probably. Is it still lame? Probably.

I'm not conceited enough to think that because I like something, it makes it good. Preference is subjective, lameness is universal.


Anonymous nathan smart said ... (4/4/06 7:55 am) : 

It's like playing a hillbilly bass (a bass with one string). It's brilliant.


Blogger Jason Kenney said ... (4/4/06 2:52 pm) : 

I stand corrected.


Anonymous Kate P. said ... (5/4/06 12:09 am) : 

I think this game is extremely fun - my brother actually bought a PS2 (again, we sold our old one) so we could get it. Mark showed it to me and I fell in love. This game is wicked, and enjoyable sober (i'm sure you can play better, too).

P.S - Rollins' didn't say anything about his skill level because he sucks at this game!!!! Ahahahhahahahaha!!!!


Blogger Casey Dorrell said ... (5/4/06 12:22 am) : 

Hey Kate,

I think it'd be more convincing if it wasn't you, Mark, and Rollins arguing for it.. I mean you all (sorta) hang out together.

That said, Calvin likes it now, so I guess I'm convinced since he once agreed with me. Maaybe, just maybe, it's a fun game.

Still, it got you and Mark to comment. Anything else you guys love that I can can verbally assault to get your interest? Oblivion? :)


Blogger Casey Dorrell said ... (5/4/06 12:23 am) : 



Anonymous Kate P said ... (5/4/06 12:11 pm) : just went and fudged the bucket...

It is fun. Try it...but no matter what I'll be better, and on the slight chance you get better than me, Mark will be better :P


Anonymous lewis clarke said ... (5/5/06 12:48 pm) : 

i have played this game in a shop and was there for about an hour lol but the songs are a bit stereotypical for a guitar player and need more of a selection.


Anonymous Sam W said ... (5/7/06 9:50 am) : 

Yes, it's great fun - possibly the best game ever made, in the same way that a good guitar riff is the best sound ever made. And yes, it is indeed lame. I admit it. I enjoy playing, alone, so I can pretend that I can rock. But if it makes you feel any better, it has given me impetus to actually start learning to play a real guitar, something no amount of guitarists telling me how cool guitaring is have ever been able to do.


Anonymous Dave said ... (30/4/07 11:39 am) : 

Exactly. I thought it was just me, but all I see is everybody saying how wonderful this is?

Eh? Real guitar playing against this crock?


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1/7/08 4:05 am) : 

Truely and honestly, you shouldn't play guitar hero if you can't play guitar, and/or your straight. It's just pressing multipul buttons and guess what...CHICKS DON'T CARE FOR THAT! so guitar hero does not mean poser, it means wanna be poser that's bad at it.


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