Monday, April 03, 2006

Week End Blog Wrap Up #7

Casey Dorrell

Today, yesterday just barely, my family celebrated my 23rd birthday and my sister's 25th, of which today actually marks neither. But close enough. I got a juicer. What's worse, I asked for a juicer. What's worse yet, is that I wanted that more than a digital camera. What's worse than all the above is that I'm still happy I got one. Somehow I expected my life to be a bit more interesting by this point . . .

1. Mike (Take Your Medicine) scored a leaked Radiohead track straight from their current recording session! The fact that he posted said track yesterday, on April Fool's Day, didn't stop it from getting at least 1000 downloads. Gotta Love it. He also has his fourth podcast up today, which has a slew of great songs on it. Finally, he's doing a charity hitchhike, so send him a bit of spare cash. Meanwhile, we've been ousted from his Best list into obscurity once again. Damn you, Mike! [Link] [2]

2. uwmryan (Muzzle of Bees) has a full KEXP Ben Gibbard (Death Cab for Cutie) set. Don't worry, it's okay to like Death Cab again. Now all the hipsters are on to hating The Arctic Monkeys. Besides, the song is from 2004, before Death Cab's latest, Plans. In addition to the Death Cab tunes, Gibbard also performs Postal Service tracks and a cover. [Link]

3. Sean Moeller (Daytrotter) along with studio engineer, Patrick Stolley, and illustrator, Johnnie Cluney, have started a new site. Its manifesto-like About page is over the top, pretentious, and self-congratulatory. Naturally, we like the site. In addition to other site features, they'll have a small set of live studio tracks with various indie artists playing unreleased songs or alternate takes of known tunes every week. First up is Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin. [Link] [2]

4. Joe (3hive) introduced me to the band Absinthe Glow, frequently compared to Elliot Smith. And well, he's good. If you haven't heard Absinthe Glow yet, now's the time. [Link]

5. Matt (You Ain't No Picasso) has Islands' (former Unicorns) first single, Rough Gem, up. Sure, you've heard and downloaded that song months ago, but now there's a video. Fans of the Unicorns will be saddened that the colour pink isn't involved. But there are astronauts at least. [Link]

6. Cameron Deyhle (A Robot Cometh) has his own wrap- up of sorts. At the end of each month, he posts summaries of the best albums featured on his blog for the last 30 days or so. This month's notable groups include Pants Yell! and vitaminsforyou, the latter of whom features the vocals of Mocking favourite, Emm Gryner, on some upcoming tracks. The blog also has a swank new banner up. [Link]

7. Corey (The Opine) had a post up featuring cover songs, mostly with direct links from Calum's previous posts on that subject. But he didn't credit us. I left a jokingly snide comment on the matter, but I really didn't care too much. He'd already put us on his sidebar, and that's a far bigger compliment as far as I'm concerned. Plus he's got quite a few entertaining posts up - Particularly the Radiohead video post. Besides, complaining that someone took songs from you without credit, given the dubious legality of their original availability and the fact that all credit belongs to the artist . . . well, that's pretty ridiculous. And the fact that Corey made a special apology post, that makes me feel pretty ridiculous. [Link] [2] [3]

8. Taylor (Music For Kids Who Can't Read Good) has some midlake songs up. I'm not quite as enthusiastic as him about the band, but they are definately worth looking into further. Another band to add to my endless mental list of things I need to post on the site. [Link]

9. Michael (Dreams of Horses) has a nice selection of new songs off the Kill Rock Stars site. Most of us are familiar with the classic Kill Rock Stars bands (e.g. Sleater Kinney, Bikini Kill), but he chose to focus on upcoming releases. One of which is Wasif Imaad, who was featured in our last wrap up for his skill of balancing massive objects atop his head. [Link]

10. Bethanne (Clever Titles are So Last Summer) should change her blog name to "Clever Titles are so the Summer Before Last" cause that's catchy . . . right? Anyhow, sometimes people complain that mp3 bloggers make up their own little insular community. With more and more mp3 blogs around in the last 6 months, this is even more prevalent. But it's not true! I think number one on this list, and Bethanne's latest post proves all you haters wrong. [Link]

11. rgsc (B(oo)tlog) already had a pretty great blog. When he began, he relied on posting live shows with little commentary, and that was good enough for me. Then he added commentary, and the site was even better. And now? He's finally ditched rapidshare "hosting" and gotten aboard the bumpy ezarchive bandwagon. Awesome. His latest set available for easy download, replete with a nice intro, is a fan recording of a recent Weakerthans show. Awesome indeed. [Link]

Radiohead (Raffi) - Inside Out (Banana Phone)
Ben Gibbard - They Don't Know (Tracy Ullman Cover, Live KEXP Cover)
Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin - House Fire
Absinthe Glow - So Let it Be
Pants Yell! - The Not So City Life
vitaminsforyou - It's Always Raining in Dublin (Feat. Emm Gryner)
Arcade Fire - Born on a Train (Magnetic Fields)
Midlake - Some of Them are Superstitious
Imaad Wasif - Out in the Black
Mecca Normal - I'll Call You
Weakerthans - Plea From a Cat Named Virtue (Live)

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Comments on "Week End Blog Wrap Up #7"


Anonymous Corey said ... (3/4/06 11:44 am) : 

Thanks for the plug. Cheers!

-Corey/The Opine


Blogger mike said ... (3/4/06 3:32 pm) : 

I decided to get brutal with my sidebar links - but I've put you back in : )


Anonymous Conor said ... (3/4/06 5:26 pm) : 

I wonder about this: "He's finally ditched rapidshare "hosting" and gotten aboard the bumpy ezarchive bandwagon." I notice that many blogs use EZarchive, but didn't know why. My hosting package allows 50 gigs storage and 500 gigs transfer per month for 4.95, with like 4X that for five more bucks. Is EZarchive used because it is more cost effective, or some other reason I'm not realizing?

Great work on the blog, thanks for wrapping up all the interesting links.


Anonymous rgsc said ... (3/4/06 6:15 pm) : 

well, connor, in my experience ezarchive may not be the best but it certainly seems to be easy to use. I messed around for a while trying to figure out the best option going and decided on ezarchive mostly because I couldn't be bothered looking up any other service - and a million bloggers can't be wrong, eh? You are certainly getting a helluva lot of space compated to ezarchive (i am not sure what if there are any limitations on transfer - as far as I can tell there are none which was one of the reasons ezarchive appealed to me).

And Casey, thanks again for the links & the blogger-love.


Blogger Casey Dorrell said ... (3/4/06 10:01 pm) : 

I think the main appeal of ezarchive is the price, about 30 bucks for the whole year, and the unmetered bandwidth.

But those two things are also detrimental because it means they don't have a lot of money but are serving tons of bandwidth. So far, the speeds are great, but the site goes down semi-regularly (which still allows people to download, but not users to upload).

For 4.95, though, your service sounds pretty great. Who is it with?


Anonymous Conor said ... (3/4/06 10:09 pm) : 

i use 1and1 ( for my internet hosting. I don't really have any other experience with any other site, so there could be some sort of glaring flaw with it, but if there is I haven't noticed, other than a slightly clunky control panel. 4.99 a month gets you 50 gigs storage, 500 transfer, plus 2 domain names included in it. EZarchive is unlimited bandwidth usage though, so in short, that explains its appeal to me.


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