Monday, March 13, 2006

Week End Blog Wrap Up #6

Casey Dorrell

This week, Mocking Music was sick. Or at least Calum and I were. Geoff was just continuing his audition for Freelance Mocker or something. While we were off feeling sorry for ourselves, the Yeah Yeah Yeah's newest was leaked (not linked here, it's everywhere - find it if you must) and . . . the blog community somehow carried on without us. How? I'm really not sure, but I imagine with a lot of tears and a noted absense of party hats.

This week's blog review is dedicated to my mother, who lamented the lack of kittens on the new site design:

1. Eddie (Another Form of Relief) introduced readers to a collection of cover songs by indie artists. Kind of. Deathcab covering Deathcab, Pavement covering Pavement? Not covers in the "technical sense" as Eddie suggests, but alternative versions and commentary worth checking out, as long as you can forgive Eddie's misuse of the word, technical. [Link]

2. Mike (Obscure Sound) is guilty of having a blog that no one should read. Not because it's a bad blog. In fact, the new mp3 blog (while inherently redundant for the simple reason that it's a new blog in an oversaturated market) is actually quite good. But, his name is Mike, and we already have too many Mikes with mp3 blogs. No, until he changes his name, I suggest you stay here with Calum, Geoff, and Casey. [Link]

3. Jesus (What Would Jesus Blog?) touches on the racey topic of race relations and the true color of Himself. Well, not really. But he does mention these issues briefly as a bit of a forced segue to a pretty great mix album: White people covering music that was originally by Black people, for good reason. There's a touch of irony in most of these, but the ones that really work are those that are self-mocking or all-mocking, rather than implicitly making fun of those being covered. [Link]

4. Jon Harrison (Little Hits) has a song up that deserved to be a bigger hit. It's The Plugz's "Achin'" and it's good. Very good. [Link]

5. Matt (You Ain't No Picasso) is busy uploading Yo La Tengo's most recent of their annual cover request show to raise money for WMFU. Covered songs include the Batman Theme, Bob Dylan's "Girl of North Country", Stiff Little Fingers' "Suspect Device", and The Violent Femmes' "Blister in the Sun". Leonard Cohen's "Suzanne" is next to be uploaded. Unlike when I posted their last show, Matt's actually taking the time to divide up the songs. If my blog numbering had a purpose, this would top the list. [Link]

6. Satisfied '75 (Aquirium Drunkard) has another full Neil Young concert up for download. This one is from a 1971 show in London. What makes it particularly interesting is that many of the now-classic songs that he plays weren't yet classics, or even studio songs. [Link]

7. Michael (Dreams of Horses) told his readers about Imaad Wasif. He told them he was touring with The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, that he had a solo record out with Kill Rock Stars, and that he used to be in the band, alaska! What he didn't mention (and the picture makes this perfectly clear) is that Wasif is what they used to call a "strongman". This unassuming man can balance huge objects far heavier than himself atop his head, as if nothing at all. Be in awe, people. [Link]

8. rgsc (B(oo)tlog) has a New Pornographers concert from a few weeks ago up for download (via Rapidshare, unfortunately). My favourite song, "Bleeding Heart Show", off their latest release, Twin Cinema, was not played. Alas. A good show regardless. Meanwhile, Michael (For the Records) and Frank (Chromewaves) both provide some post-show commentary. [Link] [2] [3]

9. Kevin (So Much Silence) divied up NPR's massive mp3 of last week's New Pornographers set at the 9:30 Club in Washington. Yes, that makes two New Pornographers concerts in this week's review. But, this one does include the excellent song, "Bleeding Heart Show" and it's not on rapidshare, a definate boon if you're lazy like myself. Finally, these songs don't feature usual second vocalist, Neko Case (given that she just released her own well-recieved album), which is disapointing, but actually makes the set a bit more interesting than it might have otherwise been. [Link] [2]

10. Matthew (I [Heart] Music) has a short review for the indie children's compilation, See You on the Moon! The exclamation point here being part of the album title and not denoting my excitement. Not that the album doesn't look good, I just don't get excited quite that easily. What might merit some extra exclamation marks is that among artists like Hot Chip, Great Lake Swimmers, and the Broken Social Scene is . . . Sufjan Stevens. It seems lately that if you're going to make a tribute album or compilation with any big indie names, it's gotta have Sufjan. Not that I'm complaining. [Link]

11. Styeiles (Neiles Life) has a confusing disconnect between his name and blog title, but I'm probably the only one that's curious about that. What's more important is that his latest post offers a nice segue from number ten: a collection of Sufjan Stevens' B-sides and rarities. Odds are, you're missing at least a few of these. [Link]

Plugs - Achin'
Belaire - Through the Wire (Kayne West)
R.E.M. - I Will Survive (Gloria Gaynor)
Nina Gordon - Straight Outta Compton (NWA)
Neil Young - Nowadays, Clancy Can't Even Sing (Live, 1971)
Yo La Tengo - Batman Theme
Yo La Tengo - Suspect Device (Stiff Little Fingers)
Yo La Tengo - Blister in the Sun (Violent Femmes)
Yo La Tengo - Girl of the North Country (Bob Dylan)
The New Pornographers - The Bleeding Heart Show (Live)
The New Pornographers - Slow Descent into Alcoholism (Live)
Sufjan Stevens - The Friendly Beasts
Sufjan Stevens - All Delighted People
Sufjan Stevens - I Can't Even Lift My Head

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Blogger Geoff Trainor said ... (13/3/06 4:03 am) : 

In my defense, I worked 6 days this week, which ends up being like 70 hours...I will be posting tomorrow for sure.


Blogger Styeiles said ... (13/3/06 4:49 pm) : 

haha Styeiles is the name I use on Blogger which is just Style and Neiles (my last name) put together...thanks for the link, enjoy the music!


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