Sunday, February 19, 2006

Week End Blog Wrap Up #5

Casey Dorrell

This week was reading week (also known as Spring Break, though there isn't any Spring to be found), and although I'm only taking one class right now, I took the week as a chance to slack off, do a mocking music marathon, and escape the province for a few days. This also meant that I didn't keep up with the world of music blogs at all. No doubt, at least twenty new bands were discovered, brought up from obscurity amid countless overblown superlatives, then derided as over-rated by the week's end.

Here's some of the more interesting things I missed - maybe you missed them too:

1. Jennings (Rbally) had his readers worried that his bandwidth concerns would mark the ultimate demise of Rbally. Perhaps in order to convince them otherwise, he's begun an onslaught of not-so-subtle subconcious reassurances by focusing his last several posts on live mp3 collections. Or maybe he's just posted a bunch of live stuff. Includes Flaming Lips, Jose Gonzalez, and Antony and the Johnsons. [Link] [2] [3] [4] [5]

2. Jesus (What Would Jesus Blog?) and I continued our stormy relationship this last week. While I feel a great love for him and his attempt to reach out to today's youth through a contemporary medium, I was also hurt by his favortism toward number 3 of this list. Will I decry atheism in favour of Jesus or will I embrace atheistic values, knowing that Jesus loves me anyhow? Stay tuned. In the meantime, explore your own relationship with Jesus by listening to his personal valentine's themed mix, full of Jesus-love. Also check out his mp3s of the undertow orchestra (including the soon to be defunct Pedro the Lion). [Link] [2]

3. Heather (I am Fuel, You are Friends) is a Jesus favourite and this week, she lived up to that love by providing us all with a new Streets track off the upcoming album, "The Hardest Way To Make An Easy Living", set to hit stores three days after my 23rd birthday. That means March 27th, but I'm sure you knew that. [Link]

4. Kevin (So Much Silence) broke the silence this week with some b-side goodness. He took the time to sift through the usual garbage on free samplers, saving only the best . . . and Death Cab for Cutie. Actually, I like Plans. Along with the Japanese bonus track from Death Cab's latest release, there's also a Flaming Lips b-side, a Strokes b-side, and a Stars remix. [Link]

5. Dodge (My Old Kentucky Blog) has done what I'd like to see more of in the music blog world: criticism. Music blogs tend to be filled with overzealous reviews of only the very-established pseudo-indie artists, or the very obscure up and coming acts. The emphasis often seems to be on who praises which group the most, the earliest. Not everything is deserving of praise, though, and the positive is a lot more meaningful when it can be contrasted with the negative. In addition to Dodge's qualms with the new Rocky Volato album, go back a few weeks and check out his wife, MJ's, second pick in her new series for a pretty touching review/tangent. [Link] [2]

6. Trick or Travis (Awesome Until Proven Guilty) first caught my attention earlier this week with a little bit of over-the-top self-congratulatory commentary on a mutual friend's blog. I guess Dodge had linked him giving him a few hits. Regardless, there is something worth seeing that's probably merits being called "Awesome". Trick's compiled an (apparently?) incomplete but very long list of downloadable cover versions of Joy Division's "Love Will Tear Us Apart". Included are Jose Gonzalez, Calexico, and Hawksley Workman. For some reason, I'm always reminded of Levy's "Rotten Love". [Link]

7. Amrit (Village Indian) has also been up to some compilation excellence, collecting all the recent Yeah Yeah Yeah's tracks in one place for us. One of which (Diplo's remix of Yeah Yeah Yeah's "Gold Lion") I slipped into my last blog wrap-up despite it having nothing to do with the content of the post. Anyhow, lots of good songs and a definate new direction for Karen O. [Link]

8. Connor (I guess I'm Floating) posted a two CD mix up of 90's tunes on his blog. I have to say that the 90's had a lot better music than what graces his list (Eels, Digable Planets, Weezer, Bad Religion, Radiohead, Sloan, Beastie Boys, Blur, Oasis, Ben Folds Five, etc.). Granted the point of the list was to show that popular music in the past hasn't completely sucked, but all the groups in my list had commercial success in the 90's too. Either way, it's an interesting romp through the alt-rock and grunge of the last decade. [Link]

9. Matt (You Ain't No Picasso) recently reviewed The Like Young and, gasp, didn't care for them too much. Since most of you have heard me say positive things about the band for some time now, go there to hear some negative (or at least mixed) thoughts. Also, make sure you read Batman's comments. I suppose he must have been too busy saving Gotham to listen to any music in the last decade. [Link]

10. Satisfied '75 (Aquarium Drunk) put up Ryan Adam and the Cardinal's Loft Sessions, an XM Radio set. It's all nicely divided into individual mp3s for tidbit Adam consumption. I'm afraid I'm permanently on a low-Ryan-Adams diet, but if you're not watching your good music consumption, I suggest you take the chance to get these songs. There's a lot of them. [Link]

11. Scott (Stereogum) made up a nifty Chinese Democracy (the ill-fated, psuedo-fictional post-G'n'R band of Axl Rose). Apparently the band may finally have a CD coming out soon. Har har. Does anyone care? I know I don't. If you do, go check out some leaked mp3s that Scott put up. [Link]

Flaming Lips - She Don't Use Jelly (Live)
Pedro the Lion - Breadwinner You
Saturday Looks Good to Me - Lift Me Up
Eels - Something is Sacred
The Streets - When You Wasn't Famous (Radio Edit)
Levy - Rotten Love
Karen O. - Hello Tomorrow
Eels - Stepmother (B-Side)
Weezer - I Just Threw Out the Love of my Dreams
Radiohead - Lewis

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Blogger Jennings said ... (19/2/06 10:27 pm) : 

Thanks for the shout . . . and damn, I thought I was being subtle.


Blogger travisthered said ... (20/2/06 1:48 am) : 

Hey there Casey. Thanks for the nod (I think?). Sorry if you found me a bit overzealous on John's site. That was the first day we had ever broke 500 hits and honestly, I’m not sure if that is a big deal or not (apparently not), but for me it was pretty gratifying and i was excited. Anyways, yeah.


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