Thursday, February 16, 2006

Casey & Geoff Go To Halifax; Are Really Cool

Geoff Trainor

Well, Casey and I are leaving for a few days. We're off to Halifax on very important Mocking Music business. What business could that be? Well, we can't say, but we can say it will involve a lot of cds, drinking and a gay bar. We left 11 AM today, and will be back sometime Saturday night. We may be posting while we are there, if we find a wireless connection. While we're gone enjoy some songs by a band aptly named Halifax.

Their Website Described It As Overused ... I Thought I'd Help

Casey and I discovered this band the last time we were in Halifax. Actually, neither of us really heard any songs until we got back and we looked into them. Upon downloading a few of their songs I realized that I'd already heard their song 'Sydney'.

Sydney and Halifax are both cities in Nova Scotia and, from what I can tell, the band is not from Nova Scotia. Their website describes them as a So-Cal 5-piece, so one would assume they're from South California. Go Figure.

Nothing spectacular, but they are quite catchy.

Halifax - Sydney
Halifax - Finished In A Day
Halifax - Name Your Price
Halifax - This Could Be You

Halifax - A Writer's Reference

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Anonymous Rollins said ... (16/2/06 6:53 pm) : 

Halifax do an awesome cover of Paula Abdul's "Straight Up" no foolin'!


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