Tuesday, March 07, 2006

No Longer Stars in the Eyes of Our Fans

Casey Dorrell

We appologize. We really do. If we could make it up to you, we would. We swear. Perhaps a box of chocolates? Some flowers? I know what we did was wrong. Really wrong. We won't do it again. We promise.

We are Sorry, like this fashionable English game

We erroneously labelled the band Stars, The Stars, in our sidebar to the left. Not only did we upset fans of the band "with more balls than day three at Wimbleton", we also treated the band Stars with an undeserved lack of respect. More importantly, we upset you, our valued visitors who were reasonably insensed at their now typo-ridden free entertainment.

This, of course, was terribly humiliating for all of us at Mocking Music. We are so, so sorry. If you've been personally affected by this grevious error on our part, please e-mail us with your mailing address and we will personally mail you a letter of appology. And again, we are sorry. Very sorry.

Stars - Your Love (B-Side)

Stars - Heart (Does not include "Your Love")

Dear Firefox User,
Dear Firefox User (Pt.II)

Comments on "No Longer Stars in the Eyes of Our Fans"


Blogger Alisa said ... (8/3/06 7:35 pm) : 

You're still my friend. It's ok.


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