Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Happy Birthday Us!

Casey Dorrell

It's odd, isn't it - that websites and businesses are always so eager to throw themselves parties? I mean, if websites were people, they'd be the most narcissistic, self-absorbed, yet unloved, group ever. And that probably explains why I like working on the site - It's just like me.

Of course, the site now is the work of three dedicated music fans and a handful of assorted others but, at the beginning, the very beginning, it was just me. On Febuary 27th, 2005, I decided to make a music website. I didn't know at the time that a few hundred other bloggers were thinking the same thing. Geoff and I had talked about it previously, making grandeous plans for a full-fledged music site. We even had a list of about forty music alliterations for potential titles. But our collective laziness meant the site never materialized. It probably didn't help that Geoff had to do all the work, as I'm html-challenged.

I soon began writing for "An Exercise in Self-Absorbtion" with the original url of caseydorrell.blogspot.com which you can still see, in all its glory, today. I'd long ago wrote for the site, back in 1991 when blogger was less known. Only one post was created, but I think it speaks for itself. When I came back to the site last febuary, Geoff joined me within a day and we changed the name to "Mocking Music". Shortly afterward we changed our address, unable to live up to the expectations for prophecies attached to the old site address.

You, of course, loved us right from the beginning and our popularity surged to the great height of a minor D-list music site with our post on the C86 album, of which people were very excited about the mp3s and, sadly, not so excited about my terribly clever picture and commentary. Depressed and forlorn, all our trust in the blog community shattered, we left the blogging world. Mocking Music offices downsized to a single office (read: we moved out), and our support staff (read: parents) had to be let go. We graciously offered them the chance to continue cleaning our clothing and making us food on a semi-regular basis, worried that they would miss us.

Eventually, we decided that depriving the blogging world of us was simply too cruel a punishment to inflict. Thus, we returned almost half a year later, this time joined by indie kid extrodinaire, Calum Marsh.

Calum is behind our newest feature, regular reviews of albums hosted on a review-centric extension of our site (which isn't quite done). All reviews will be posted here in summary. For our other features, refer to the playlist, but unlike the reviews, all playlist material is simply archived blog material in nifty format (i.e. Click on the reviews because you won't see them in full here).

Geoff's been busy redesigning our site - it's been changed many times, much to Geoff's delight. I'm picky, but also inept with html design. We'll be keeping some form of our current design, but the colors might still be in flux (let us if you have problems). For those that miss the white simplicity, we will be making a alternate simple design very soon. The Profile section's actually still the old design, but that will change shortly. [Update: I, for one, am finding it impossibly hard to read the text with all the nonsense going on at the sides - maybe if we change the center area to white?]

To celebrate our birthday, Montreal band, Stars, held an early birthday bash in our honour early this February in Seattle (Check out their cover of Bruce Springsteen's Hungry Heart). Mocking Music's current favourite person, Jessica, pointed us to Redshifter's audience recording of the Mocking Music Seattle bash (oops, we didn't record our own show). To read about another Stars concert held in our honour, read Mel's review of their Ottawa concert here.

Stars - Theme From Stars
Stars - Set Yourself on Fire
Stars - Death to Death
Stars - Going Going Gone
Stars - Heart
Stars - Soft Revolution
Stars - Life Effect
Stars - Hungry Heart (Bruce Springsteen)
Stars - What I'm Trying to Say
Stars - One More Night
Stars - Your Ex-Lover is Dead
Stars - Ageless Beauty
Stars - Let it Go (This Charming Divorce)
Stars - He Lied About Death
Stars - Elevator Love Letter
Stars - Calendar Girl

Comments on "Happy Birthday Us!"


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (28/2/06 7:26 am) : 

Happy B-day MM!
Thanks for the Stars material - saw them in Atlanta - incredible, talented band. Perfect fit for an incredible and talented blog!


Blogger alienliebe said ... (28/2/06 7:27 am) : 

hey, happy birthday! thanx for all the great stuff in the last year.
at mocking music i discovered some of the most beautiful songs i've ever heard. thanx again!


Blogger mike said ... (28/2/06 8:55 am) : 

happy birthday - the TYM birthday is coming up: Expect a special podcast show!


Anonymous Jessica said ... (28/2/06 9:21 am) : 

oh my god HAPPY FUCKING BIRTHDAY! i kind of love the new look and think that you are spot-on re: how websites would be the most narcissistic and self-absorbed people. and i also kind of love what torq says before "your ex-lover is dead"


Blogger Markitos said ... (28/2/06 12:20 pm) : 



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (28/2/06 2:09 pm) : 

Broken Social Scene played for my birthday . . .


Blogger Jon said ... (28/2/06 2:32 pm) : 

I love the new look. The banner at the top is especially awesome. I have to agree about changing the centre area to white. The "Oreo cookie" design seems to work well on My Old Kentucky Blog. I'm sure it would also suite Mocking Music just fine.

Happy birthday!

- Jonathan


Blogger The Trick said ... (28/2/06 4:46 pm) : 

Congrats on the new look!


Blogger Jennings said ... (28/2/06 7:38 pm) : 

Congrats on the birthday . . . and thanks for The Stars!


Anonymous The Internet said ... (28/2/06 9:37 pm) : 

Happy birthday, motherfuckers!


The Internet


Anonymous Casey said ... (28/2/06 9:46 pm) : 

ha ha, missed you!


Blogger pomelo said ... (1/3/06 8:53 am) : 

happy birthday (3 days late including time difference, i apologise!) the new design's nicer too (:


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