Monday, February 27, 2006

Please Stand By . . .

Casey Dorrell

The entire Mocking Music staff is hard at work preparing for an exciting post (of course, everything we post is pretty damn exciting) for tonight. We'd meant to have it all ready for you now, but life's like that.

In the meantime, why not check out the blog, Little Hits. It's a great blog that's not getting its deserved allotment of love. The reason for that is the same reason it should be visited regularly by all music fans: it has great songs, mostly by completely unknown artists. The songs are often taken from vinyl and, rather than being forgotten, were probably never really known to begin with.

Here's a song off a vinyl single you may not have.

Boy Least Likely To - Rock Upon a Porch With You

Comments on "Please Stand By . . ."


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (27/2/06 12:51 pm) : 



Blogger Brittany said ... (1/3/06 7:47 pm) : 

I love 'Rock Upon a Porch With You'. Thanks for posting it!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (28/3/06 1:25 am) : 

Absolutely love "Rock Upon a Porch With You"...checked out more from The Boy Least likely To and love the entire CD !!


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