Wednesday, March 08, 2006

In Rapture With Post-Punk No More?

Calum Marsh

I've got an atrocious stomach ache and an essay due tomorrow afternoon (which I've not yet started), so you'll have to forgive me for not being enthusiastic about writing much of anything today. Still, I'm excited enough about this news item that I'll attempt to push the pain out of my mind for long enough to get this out: The Rapture are back in the studio. What a glorious day it is, my friends.

So what are the details? Scanning the internet led me nowhere, since the details are being kept very heavily under wraps, but I did manage to stumble upon one item of interest: a leaked MP3. Apparently the track was pieced together by a dedicated fan using several live recordings and an expensive mastering program on a home computer - and as shady as that sounds, I assure you that the result is surprisingly solid (and band approved: "the mix is tight", says keyboardist Gabriel Andruzzi).

I'm not entirely sure yet how I feel about the song. It seems like the band might be taking a new direction yet again, moving more solidly into dance music and moving away from the post-punk sound they used to revel in - but who knows. Echoes moved so fluidly through different genres that a track on its own wouldn't have been any kind of indication of the album's sound as a whole; this track, then, probably isn't the most accurate measure of the sound of things to come. Only time will tell, I suppose.

Also, I'd like to take a minute to apologize for how infrequently we've been posting lately. We really want to be writing more, but you know how it is - you have plans, you forget about it - but I promise that'll all change. As a way of making it up to you all and to thank you for being such swell pals about the whole thing, here are a couple of Mocking Music rarities that you might enjoy.

The Rapture - Leaked MP3 (Untitled, from their upcoming LP)
Bright Eyes - Cremation (Rare B-Side)
The Arcade Fire - Five Years (David Bowie Cover)

The Rapture - Echoes

No Updates Today, Kids

Comments on "In Rapture With Post-Punk No More?"


Anonymous Brian said ... (8/3/06 3:58 am) : 

I was very excited to hear that The Rapture were once again getting ready to record.

They are still the best live band I've witnessed and new album can only mean new tour.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (28/3/07 8:08 pm) : 

i love that you chided me for not wanted to write my essay last week. and here i am, browsing around for inspiration on post-punk, and i stumble across your page. AND you're complaining on this page that you haven't started your essay. ahaha... you're everywhere, calum. and i'm also scrambling to finish my essay. and i also have a stomach ache!! weird.


p.s. this is lisa.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (28/3/07 8:10 pm) : 

wait a minute... the thing that you wrote was from a long time ago. aahh... nevermind. maybe i am the only one still trying to finish my essay.



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