Tuesday, April 11, 2006

50 Tracks Canada: Countdown 50-46

Casey Dorrell

Mocking Music is all about education, but we're also all about sloth and apathy. Sad, these two passions sometimes conflict, particularly when they combine with distasterous effect at the end of the semester. Because of this, we won't be posting much beyond this week's contest and a possible post from non-school goer, but currently ill, Geoff. In the meantime, we're going to post some old articles that have been sitting in drafts, deemed too boring, for just over a year. Enjoy?

This is the first of ten posts in a series about CBC's Canadian 50 Tracks, a three month radio program which ran last year. Each week featured a different guest panel working on a different decade of song. The selections were based on 50 second pitches, which go to panel votes at the end of the week. The purpose: to create an all-time top 50 track list of Canadian songs (The idea being that these 50 tracks represent the best, most influential 50 songs to come out of Canada). It was hosted by Jian Gomeshi, pretty boy and Moxy Fruvous frontman an more recently host of the similar show, Playlist. Why divide it up into 10 posts? Because Casey has a lot of work left in the semester and not much time in which to do it. Now, the site can appear to be active while Mocking Music simply divides up one large post for extended consumption.

Pretty darn clever, we think.

Our redundant countdown starts impressively with disco, early rap, Yodeling, old school punk, and Grand band goodness. Enjoy.

My Swiss Moonlight Lullaby - Wilf Carter (1933) [MP3]
Pitched by Jian Gomeshi

Casey: I missed this song when it aired and, to be honest, I don't care enough to listen to it on my own.

Geoff: Two words for Prince Edward Islanders: Bill's Jamboree. I wish I had this guy's range

You know this one has got to be good when you search for it on google - the only thing that can explain so few hits is conspiracy. Don't let the man keep you from good music. If you find this song as an mp3, let us know at mockingmusic@gmail.com and we'll spread the gospel. Yodeling this good is something to be shared.

49. Disco Sucks - D.O.A. (1978) [MP3]
Pitched by Lee Aaron

Casey: Hah hah. "Marijuana motherfucker. Up against the wall, motherfucker.." - that's a different song but I remember listening to that when I was much younger and thinking it was pretty damn cool. Mostly cause they swore a lot. But yeah, 'Disco Sucks' is good, but it's no 'Ska Sucks'.

Geoff: When you don't have Wilf's range, you are doomed to a life of hardcore. Great Vancouver band.

Strangely, the acronym D.O.A. is apparently pretty popular for bands. There's the Band, Dawn of Ages, whose mp3s are available here. There's also the Disciples of Annihilation. We're gonna assume those bands picked the acronym in an attempt to be clever. We're nice like that. Speaking of things that suck, you can download an entire CD by solo artist, Brad Sucks.

48. Fly By Night - Rush (1975) [MP3]
Pitched by Emm Gryner

Casey: I forgive you Emm.. but don't do it again.

Geoff: For some reason, this reminds me of The Music...weird

This song is bad, but it was chosen by a good artist. Go here to hear some of her stuff (unreleased downloadable mp3s) other than that one song you used to hear on the radio.

47. I'll Never Smile Again - Ruth Lowe, performed by the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra (1940) [MP3]
Pitched by Martin Mehluish

Casey: Right, you won't. Cause you're dead. Sucker. (Note: Mocking Music neither shares nor condones the convictions of its member parts.* We hold all persons in the highest esteem, regardless of race, sex, religion, or nationality, or status as living or deceased.)

Geoff: Lies, all Lies! I heard from the friend of a cousin, of a neighbor, of my sister that he was seen smiling as soon as a couple days after the initial release. Almost as disappointing as when I learned that Maida lied about Superman's death.

This was nominated for an Oscar in 1940. Cleary it was the lyrics that put it over the top.

46. Let Your Backbone Slide - Maestro Fresh-Wes (1990) [MP3]
Pitched by Leah McLaren

Casey: "so many suckers on my sac-ro-illeac" - damn right, they be gettin' all up in my facet joints, you know those small joints in the region of the lower back and buttocks where the pelvis joins with the spine! Rock that!

Geoff: The CRTC demanded that we have a Canadian version of DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince. This was our response.

Casey was mocked for buying this album used several months ago. That simply isn't fair. It's hugely influential album and, also, pretty darn funny.

Thus concludes the first five tracks - Next time: Leonard Cohen in Russia!

*It's ok, member parts made us giggle too.

Wilf Carter - Swiss Moonlight Lullaby
D.O.A. - Disco Sucks
Rush - Fly By Night
Tommy Dorsey Orchestra - I'll Never Smile Again
Maestro Fresh-Wes - Let Your Backbone Slide

Wilf Carter - Montana Slim: Prarie Legend
D.O.A. - Dawning of a New Error
Rush - Fly By Night
Tommy Dorsey - The Best of Tommy Dorsey and His Orchestra

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