Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Guess That Art: A Mocking Music Contest (Pt. 4)

Calum Marsh

Before we get down to business with this week's Guess That Art contest, I'd just like to take a moment to share with you an exciting (albeit slightly area-specific) piece of news which I just received word of: The 2006 Cisco Systems Ottawa Bluesfest (long titles are so in right now) lineup has just been confirmed and announced.

If you live in or around Ottawa, you know this is huge news. Ottawa, despite being a reasonably large city, suffers from a deplorable lack of interesting concerts. Of course, in comparison to Casey and Geoff's native Charlottetown, Ottawa is visited by a fair number of indie groups - but you'd think Ottawa, being, you know, the capital of the goddamn country, would have a little more presence on the music map.

Yet the fact remains: nobody wants to play here. It's not all their fault, either; Ottawa's largest concert venue, The Scotiabank Place (formerly 'Corel Centre', before bankers bought the name), is far too large for indie acts, while the next smallest, The New Capital Music Hall (formerly 'Club Surface'), is much too small. Downtown clubs offer provides reasonable venues for the smallest acts - Xiu Xiu, The Hidden Cameras, et al - but anyone larger won't fit in. Hell, when Metric came in March they had to book two consecutive shows, and both sold out.

Enter Ottawa Bluesfest, an annual concert festival held downtown in July, which always manages to book class acts. An outdoor festival allows indie acts too big for our small clubs to play to the crowd sizes they demand, and the Bluesfest offers just that. Last year we were graced with the likes of Stars, Metric, Broken Social Scene, Final Fantasy, and The Dears (oh, and, uh, the Black Eyed Peas...), and there presence at the festival made for an unforgettable week. This year, though, the folks in charge of the Ottawa Bluesfest have managed to outdoor themselves. Here is a partial list of this year's players:

I expected - quite anxiously, I might add - to see a number of exciting acts when I read their press release this morning, but I hadn't prepared myself for such an incredible lineup. An interesting thing seems to have happened here: this is no longer a handful of interesting indie artists randomly playing in Ottawa - no, this has become something more important. Ottawa now has a festival of such strength that it not only rivals festivals of similar stature in Toronto and Montreal, it outdoes them.

Is this the first step toward establishing Ottawa as an important area on the map of Canadian music? It's doubtful. But what I think it does suggest is that bands are more than willing to play for an Ottawa crowd, were there areas that could support them. I hope this encourages growth and development on the Ottawa music front, provoking apprehensive music lovers with money to bloody well get on with it. Build a bigger club, Ottawa's ready for it.

Moving on. This week's Guess That Art picture is, I'm well aware, very easy. But judging by the number of entries we received last week, the previous picture was too tricky. We know you love a good challenge, but nobody wants to feel stupid - that's why we're dumbing things down for you idiots (kidding!) by throwing this dead give away at you. But seriously, it isn't that obvious, and if you don't know it, stop reading this site - er, I mean, don't worry about it. God, I'm mean today.

Same deal as before, folks: shoot an email our way (once again, either or calummarsh@gmail - but how about sending some to me this time, eh?) with "Guess That Art" as the subject line and the answer and your mailing address in the body. Also like last week, we ask that you please do not ruin things by revealing the answer in the comment window. You were all very good about that last week, and we expect the same manners this time around.

Original (1) and Mockery (2)
1. 2.

Last week's winner was ________ from ____, ____, who correctly recognized that my mockery was of Hot Chip's unfortunately underrated Coming On Strong. Congratulations, ______. This week's winner will receive _______________.


Yes, you all (but one) emailed mocking, so I've got the winner. He is none other than Mocking Music local (PEI resident), Andrew Breeze. He's spent many hours in the Mocking Music office, so we're already busy looking into allegations of cheating. Mr. Breeze will have the distinct pleasure of having his prize hand-delivered by local celebrity, me.

Now before I tell you all what prize you'll be hoping to win this week, the excellent festival news gives me an idea. It's always the money that gets to have their name slapped on, not the creative talent. I'm clearly the money here on these contests, while Calum does all the work. Therefore, I dub this The Casey Dorrell Guess That Art Contest. Or, possibly, I'm just insanely jealous because that's an amazing line-up.

Prize, right. Next week marks the release of Pearl Jam's hotly anticipated and cleverly named new album, Pearl Jam. To help you flex your grunge superiority, we're giving away an amazing seven used Pearl Jam CDs! That's Pearl Jam's complete discography to date (excluding the upcoming release). They come out of my personal collection, and were all bought used, so condition varies, but any with significant scratches will be resurfaced before going out. The albums will be mailed in more than one package, to save on costs.

To summarize, if you live in Ottawa, and have the chance to go to the festival, I hate you and will do everything humanly possible to stop you from winning the contest (Ottawa residents may want to use Calum's email).


And, like promised, I've included yet another rare Death Cab B-side. Amazing? Wonderful? Great? They're just different names for the same thing: our site.

Death Cab For Cutie - Sleep Tight (Rare B-Side)
The Fiery Furnaces - One More Time (The Clash Cover)
Pearl Jam - Better Man (w/ South African Choir)

Death Cab For Cutie - Plans
Cisco Systems Bluesfest 2006 - Tickets

Cisco Systems Bluesfest 2006 - Official Site

Comments on "Guess That Art: A Mocking Music Contest (Pt. 4)"


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (27/4/06 4:02 am) : 

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (27/4/06 4:04 am) : 

oh yeh, and i dont really need the prize, i have the cds already, so give it to the next correct answer.


Anonymous Sean said ... (27/4/06 5:42 am) : 

Damn that's a great lineup. Go Ottawa!


Blogger Jonathan Migneault said ... (27/4/06 9:01 am) : 

This Bluesfest news made me very happy. I think last year's success with the "Arts and Crafts" stage really pushed the promoters to book more great indie acts.

I'm sure purists will complain that many bands at the festival have nothing to do with the blues. Then again, there are still many great blues acts for those who enjoy that sort of thing. I think the festival has rightly reached out to different genres in order to grow and please a larger audience.

I, for one, am looking forward to this year's festival with great anticipation. I suspect, however, that my wallet may take quite the beating.

It's nice to live in a music mecca for a change. Albeit, only for a week.


Anonymous rgsc said ... (27/4/06 10:43 am) : 

That is a pretty sweet lineup - I heard part of the announcement on ctv last night but it was mostly just the "big" names - KC & the Sunshine Band!?! rawk!
stupid summer weddings will stop me from seeing Wilco and New Pornographers but there is enough great stuff the week before to keep me happy. The question now is BSS or Calexico and Feist or Bell Orchestre? Tough choices will need to be made.


Anonymous mjrc said ... (27/4/06 2:32 pm) : 

that festival line-up almost makes me wish i lived in ottawa. almost. and not for anything, but where are the blues bands in that list?


Anonymous moe said ... (27/4/06 10:25 pm) : 

a sweet line-up indeed

casey, we need to put our heads together, along with any other charlotonian (or whatever), to come up with a crafty plan indeed to get tickets to this.
i'm willing to forge, falsify, stow away, sleep in vehicles.

ok, maybe not quite go to those extremes, but hey, it'd be swell if i was someone living in ottawa. unfortunately i'm someone living on pei. and thus i suck for it.
i'm just looking for an excuse to forge, falsify, stow away, or sleep in vehicles in the sake of music and crazy adventure. who's with me?


Blogger Casey Dorrell said ... (27/4/06 10:29 pm) : 

Oh, I'm in. Forging and Falsifying for sure, but sleeping with vehicles? That seems a bit extreme.


Blogger mel said ... (27/4/06 11:36 pm) : 

casey, there is a futon downtown with your name on it. Geoff can sleep in the tub.


Blogger Casey Dorrell said ... (27/4/06 11:42 pm) : 

Ha ha, tell me at least you'll be going and doing some of your excellent concert posts?


Blogger mel said ... (27/4/06 11:58 pm) : 

you couldn't stop me. This will kick the tulip festival's ass.


Blogger Casey Dorrell said ... (28/4/06 12:08 am) : 

God, how I hate you and Calum right now.


Blogger Jonathan Migneault said ... (28/4/06 12:15 am) : 

Don't worry Casey. I'll make sure to take lots of pictures. It will almost be like you were there.


Blogger Casey Dorrell said ... (28/4/06 12:18 am) : 

What? That's it! You're all off the site. Pack your shit and get the hell out of here.


Blogger mel said ... (28/4/06 1:25 am) : 

You and Geoff should just move here already. How did this site turn into a majority of Ottawa contributers anyway? I'm totally mocking music middle ground.


Blogger Geoff Trainor said ... (28/4/06 2:22 am) : 

Yeah, well...I bet Shoreline will kick it's there.


Blogger Jonathan Migneault said ... (28/4/06 4:25 pm) : 

Another advantage of not being at Ottawa's Bluesfest: You don't have to face the dilemma of choosing between Broken Social Scene and Calexico (both sets are at the same time).


Blogger Casey Dorrell said ... (28/4/06 6:30 pm) : 

Oh, gee, thanks.

Actually, I noticed that too and decided on the (unpopular?) choice of Calexico.


Blogger Casey Dorrell said ... (28/4/06 6:33 pm) : 

(Also Elliot Brood over Hilotrons)


Blogger mel said ... (29/4/06 8:26 pm) : 

As much as I do enjoy Calexico, I don't think I could turn down a BSS concert when I know Feist and Emily Haines are with them. I mean, come on!


Blogger Casey Dorrell said ... (29/4/06 10:00 pm) : 

Ah, good point, good point. I hadn't thought about that.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9/11/06 12:37 am) : 

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