Sunday, April 23, 2006

Week End MP3 Blog Wrap Up 8

Casey Dorrell

Starting this week, the plan is for Mocking Music to have a post every day with specific content. Whether that'll happen or not, only this blogger knows for sure. The tentative schedule? (He said, implying that someone, somewhere, cared enough to ask the question)

Monday: Delightful article from a Mocker
Tuesday: Themed List
Wednesday: Mocking Music Cover Contest
Thursday: Mocking Interview
Friday: Full Music Friday (renamed from Full Album Friday, which was renamed from Free Album Friday, all a retarded attempt at political correctness)
Saturday: Another delightful Mocker article
Sunday: MP3 Blog Wrap-Up (e.g. This post)

News posts and reviews (hopefully) to be interspersed throughout.

This week's wrap-up features inexplicably and uncharacteristically pleasant commentary by myself in the link descriptions. Apologies for that. Actually, the links are really more of a concert collection than notable posts. Call it lazy blog reading on my part if you must, but there's a lot of great live recordings you ought to have. And the old Kitten picture? That's not laziness, that's a clever pictorial representation of Mocking Music's ascent to (greater) greatness!

1. Matt (Ear Farm) has something for those excited about Red Hot Chili Pepper's upcoming release. Ok, so I doubt that describes many people here. But the live concert Matt has up will at least give you an idea of what to expect from the badly named album, Stadium Arcadium. A return to Californication greatness, or early funk-infused white guy rock? Probably not. Let's quietly move on. [Link]

2. Greg (Captain's Dead) is alive and well, and offering up two posts well-worth looking into. First, he has a concert that really should be on your harddrive. It's not Neutral Milk Hotel's best concert but, recorded in New Zealand in 2001, it's probably their very last (before being taken away by extraterrestrials as Calum uncovered). Next Greg has some songs by the less modest 80's punk group, The Mice. [Link] [2]

3. Jennings (rbally) continues to threaten his blog's demise, yet continues to have a blog just the same. Drama Queen. While he also has a Neutral Milk Hotel concert up (which, in fact, inspired Greg's upload - incestuous lot, aren't they?), he's uploaded a much more interesting concert: R.E.M. More to the point, R.E.M. when they were THE indie band, c. 1984, live on WLIR. [Link] [2]

4. Eddie (Another Form of Relief) has a partial concert of the Bens (Ben Kweller, Ben Lee, and Ben Folds) available at his website. I happen to have the full concert so maybe that'll appear here at some point. Until then, head over to Eddie's and make sure you check out Ben Kweller's cover of BK Baby. [Link]

Sean (A Reminder) has yet another concert worth checking out. This time it's Sigur Ros from July of last year in Amsterdam. Scratch that. He has Sigur Ros, but he also has The Smiths. Please don't send me hate mail, but I'm a bigger fan of Sigur Ros than the Smiths, and I'm not a huge Sigur Ros fan. That said, given our own Mocker's past with Morrissey and the Smiths, I'm torn over which to recommend. Or at least I was until I found out that the Smiths songs are already expired. [Link] [2]

6. Jeff (DIY Rockstar) offers a reprieve from this week's concert onslaught. Now, on with the interview onslaught! Jeff sent out a questionnaire to a huge number of great indie labels and, for three weeks will feature the answers he got back. So far he's featured JagJaguwar, Suburban Sprawl, FatCat, Polyvinyl and Merge. Next week includes Kill Rock Stars and Saddle Creek. [Link]

7. Bethanne (Clever Titles are So Last Summer) has a blog that's all about themes, probably music too. Her last was one of the most entertaining yet. Sure, Jesus did it first. But, what didn't he do first? Sin I guess, but then he did go missing in that desert for an awfully long time . . . I digress, Betthane: For the last week she had a Q&A, not with bands, not with labels, not with other bloggers, but with herself. A Narcissist after our own heart. "Ask Bethanne" is a witty pseudo-advice column feature, each Q&A with its appropriate soundtrack. [Link]

8. Eric (Marathon Packs) is a fan of XTC. So Am I. He has some demos. He is articulate. I am articulate. He says things about these demos. You download said demos. You enjoy them. You think fondly of Marathon Packs and Mocking Music. You bookmark us. For our writing. [Link]

9. Matt (You Ain't No Picasso) has yet another batch of live recordings. Me pointing readers to "You Ain't No Picasso" is like Canada demanding its citizens start watching some American movies, I know. Regardless, if you haven't seen it yet, check out Matt's Wolf Parade set recorded earlier this month: Live standards and a few new songs. [Link]

10. Tim Young (The Face Of Tomorrow) started a podcast a little while back. The basic idea: Get other people to do the work. It's a great podcast that features themed submissions by other mp3 bloggers (in addition to Tim). Themes so far: Me and You, One, and three minute songs. [Link] [2] [3]

11. Ben (Ben Loves Music) has a post about the new NOFX album. If you were curious about it, like me and (I'm sure) Calum, he has a few songs from it available. Unsurprisingly, it sounds like NOFX. [Link]

New Blog Alert:
Videoteque ("A Music Video Blog") is the best argument I've seen so far for owning an iPod video. The blog run by Ben (See #11) and Eric has tons of videos in iPod-friendly format in posts that don't skimp on text. They could easily get by just offering the downloads, but the additional commentary make it worth recommending.

The Merry Muses of Caledonia is like Take Your Medicine with a Scottish focus, rather than UK. Eschews the typical blog habit of only focuses on the newest groups and featuring shoddy writing.

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Dani California (Live)
Neutral Milk Hotel - Mother (John Lennon - Live)
Neutral Milk Hotel - I Love How You Love Me (Phil Spector - Live)
Sigur Ros - Takk (Live)
R.E.M. - Radio Free Europe (Live)
R.E.M. - So You Want to Be a Rock n' Roll Star (Live)
The Bens - I Touch Myself (Divinyls - Live)
Wolf Parade - Things I Don't Know (New Song - Live)

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Comments on "Week End MP3 Blog Wrap Up 8"


Anonymous Eddie said ... (23/4/06 10:46 pm) : 

"I happen to have the full concert so maybe that'll appear here at some point."

Where on earth did you rustle up that from? :)


Blogger Casey Dorrell said ... (23/4/06 11:13 pm) : 

Ha ha, I honestly have no idea, but it's clearly sitting there in my Bens folder. About the same but with I think just three more songs mixed in.


Anonymous Sean said ... (24/4/06 12:07 am) : 

Actually, individual Smiths links are gone, but you can still download the whole show from that post (via rapidshare). Thanks for the link!


Blogger ben said ... (24/4/06 3:06 am) : 

It's actually DEREK, not ERIC, who blogs with me over at videoteque, but thanks for the kind words. :)


Blogger Casey Dorrell said ... (24/4/06 12:55 pm) : 

Well, Eric is colloquial slang for Derek around here.


Blogger Calum Marsh said ... (24/4/06 1:47 pm) : 

Whoo-hoo, NOFX.


Anonymous gregor said ... (24/4/06 1:50 pm) : 

woot! thanks for the mention man. much appreciated.


Blogger Ekko said ... (24/4/06 9:16 pm) : 

this is a great feature. thanks for your hard work.


Blogger Jennings said ... (25/4/06 8:22 pm) : 

I know, the fucking drama . . . it is admittedly tiring. I suck.


Blogger Edwina said ... (2/5/07 10:08 pm) : 

Ack. I've forgotten how much I liked Neutral Milk Hotel's and The Bens's covers of those songs. Could you please renew those links?


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