Thursday, April 20, 2006

Seth Puts Two Hours Traffic In The Limelight

Geoff Trainor

Let's admit it. A lot of indie kids watch the O.C. We try to pretend that it's just the fact that the show features great indie acts. The truth is, we really do care whether Seth and Summer get back together, and if Sandy is slowly turning into the father-in-law he so despised.

Tonight there's another reason for this resident of Prince Edward Island to watch. PEI locals, Two Hours Traffic, will have their song, Limelight, featured in tonight's episode of the O.C. The band's self titled debut, released last year, was produced by Mocking Music favourite Joel Plaskett, so you know that is must be good.

This isn't the first time THT have been featured on a "hit" television show. While looking up the song I discovered they have had at least a couple songs featured on the show One Tree Hill. I've seen a couple episodes of the show, and I can say that the OC news is much more exciting. So be sure to check out tonight's episode to hear Limelight and to see just how Seth will make amends with Summer.

Two Hours Traffic
THT on Myspace

Two Hours Traffic - Limelight (Featured On The OC Tonight!)

Two Hours Traffic - Two Hours Traffic

Comments on "Seth Puts Two Hours Traffic In The Limelight"


Blogger mel said ... (21/4/06 3:59 am) : 

maybe I was at a party of Islanders tonight, gathered soley with the intention of listening for the song. Maybe it wasn't played, but trust me when I say I'll get to the bottom of why.


Blogger Casey Dorrell said ... (21/4/06 11:29 am) : 

Don't mean to ruin your detective work, but it was played . . .

"Leave me Alone Two Hours Traffic You hear this song when Ryan calls The Cohens from Berkeley and talks to Kirsten. The song plays in the background at the house party Ryan calls from and can only be heard when Ryan is on screen. This song can be heard up to the point when Kirsten talks to Ryan about Theresa."

It just wasn't, you know, audible.


Blogger Casey Dorrell said ... (21/4/06 11:30 am) : 

Though I do like the idea that a Berkeley house party would be playing Two Hours Traffic.


Blogger mel said ... (21/4/06 12:31 pm) : 

That is frigging hilarious. Eight people who'd heard the song before listening intently couldn't even hear it. Good thing THT's Ottawa contingency taped it.


Anonymous moe said ... (21/4/06 9:05 pm) : 

hey i know the studio where that picture was taken!


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