Thursday, March 16, 2006

Shirley Manson Is Cleaning Up Her Act

Geoff Trainor

It was (aparently) reported last year that Garbage were going on hiatus. This news broke the hearts of fans, who took the news as a break up. Well rest assured that they are still together. Shirley Manson says so, so that makes it true. If you still don't believe it, then Mocking Music is telling you, and you know that we don't lie (unless the subject is music related).

Manson Finally Takes Out The Trash

"We're still together, absolutely. We all feel like we want to go off and do a variety of things. Butch (Vig) is going back into production and some other guys are working on film soundtracks."

Not that it should really matter much, as the last two albums have really lived up to the name of the group. Well, that isn't fair for me to say, as I haven't really personally heard the last one. Just going by the word of the people, and the people say nay.

Since the band is on some sort of hiatus, Shirley Manson is bored out of her mind, so she's going forward with a solo album. Despite past transgressions, I am looking forward to seeing how the album pans out. She is working with David Arnold on this one, whom she has previously worked with on the title track for the Bond film, The World Is Not Enough. Manson describe's her super solo album, with a lot of awesome adjectives.

"I just went to London last week and we wrote a song together. It was really quick and fast and it was really good fun." Adding that writing with another person is "scary and really exciting and super-freaky. It feels really weird to talk about it!."

By the time I finished writing this I managed to get myself exciting over the prospect. Could it have been my love for the song The World Is Not Enough? perhaps it was how exciting Shirley Manson sounds about it. I think it has something to do with the fact that it is past 4 in the morning.

Garbage - The World Is Not Enough
Garbage - Only Happy When It Rains
Garbage - When I Grow Up
Bjork & David Arnold - Play Dead (7 Inch Remix)
David Arnold - Jolly Roger

Garbage - Version 2.o
David Arnold - Shaken & Stirred

Comments on "Shirley Manson Is Cleaning Up Her Act"


Blogger The Trick said ... (16/3/06 3:42 pm) : 

I like Garbage, but yeah you didn't miss much on that last album. It was about as disappointing as Beautiful Garbage but in a completely different way.

Still, I like Shirley Manson's singing, so I'd be willing to give a solo album a chance.


Blogger Station Agent said ... (17/3/06 11:13 am) : 

I like Shirley too, her spirit and personality and voice make me wish the music was good. I think she just needs a more soulful collaborator.


Blogger supergurg said ... (18/3/06 9:08 pm) : 

although my most favourite Garbage album is Version 2.0, the last 2 were'nt that bad

looking forward to hearing Shirley's solo stuff

Gurg :D


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5/8/06 9:07 pm) : 

Bleed Like Me was a wonderful CD - much better than Beautiful Garbage. I'm sure 2.0 was simply the best CD the band will ever make (That isn't a BAD thing, because if they made something better than that, the world would probably end) and I think if Garbage are done, then fine. Shirley will probably have a lot more success (commercially speaking) with her solo album. I just wish we could get SOME idea of when to expect it.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (6/11/06 6:10 pm) : 

Garbage is my favorite band i can't wait for her solo album to come out. i just hope it's not like Gwen Stefani's solo album that was pop music!


Anonymous ChiLdFoOt said ... (1/12/06 7:33 am) : 

i love Shirley Manson with all my heart. but the last two garbage albums were horrible. and i went out and bought them. even though the third was crap, i still bought the fourth. i resolved never to buy another one.. unless i actually enjoy at least one song first.

but a shirley manson solo c.d. i hope it doesn't copy beth gibbons format. "no, we're not broken up.." and then she releases a crap c.d. and portishead is never seen again..

wasn't there supposed to be a dolores o'rieden solo c.d.?

everyone loves gwen stefani's solo c.d... other than whutcha waiting for. i can't stand it :)

i hope shirley ends up emulating that world is not enough style.. i even bought the single for that..

mysterious sultry. that's what she's good at.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (24/4/07 12:30 pm) : 

Portishead are coming back. You can follow the progress of their third album at

And personally I loved Bleed Like Me!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (29/4/07 3:33 am) : 

The first album is by far the best, lyrically and musically, version 2.0 just had a cheaper less emotive vibe, beautifulgarbage i loathed, except cherry lips was an awesome pop song, and a few tracks have grown on me, bleed like me was rawer but still they havn't managed to hit the nail on the head like they did on the debut, hopefully the rest of the band is what was holding Shirley back 'cause i think everyone agrees the potentual is obvious in her, she is truly an amazing person


Blogger bluebaleen said ... (12/12/07 11:50 am) : 

Hm, I just don't get it. Do we not want the artists for which we are fans to express themselves, to experiment and to go through change? I have enjoyed every album that this band has released, thoroughly. Not because one album is "better" than the other, but because each album is unique. The progression from Garbage's debut album to Bleed Like Me has not been one of musical quality, but personal growth.

If you listen to their albums in chronological order therein lies a story of the life of a person who has struggled with self-image and self-loathing and seems to finally be reaching some level of inner peace. In the debut album "Garbage", Shirley spits venom and you see this "person" dealing with their pain through destructive relationships (e.g. Vow, Lover's Box, etc) and criticizing those who have catalyzed this self-loathing (e.g. Stupid Girl).

Version 2.0 was made some what more for the masses but there exists lies evidence of a person who turns to others for the love they cannot find in themselves throughout the album (e.g. Sleep Together, You Look So Fine, Medication).

In Beautifulgarbage there finally exists some evidence that this struggling person may have finally reached the point where they can look into the mirror and say "O.K." -- with a smile, although this person has not forgotten their scars (e.g. Silence is Golden). This feeling of self-acceptance is new, and therefore the musical style is new, it's liberating, it's freedom.

Finally, Bleed Like Me may be seen as a metaphor for a person who has in many ways conquered their pain and self-loathing to a point where life is now bearable, and at times even .. good .. better than ever expected (e.g. Happy Home: "I never thought for one second I'd have nothing left but shame"). Most importantly, this person is finally ready to bare their pain to the world, talk about it, and through sharing and reaching out, find healing.

I suppose the obvious response to all of this is: "Well that's your opinion". I wanted to share this opinion however, because I find it unfair and a waste to so quickly discount this band's last two albums simply because they are different, or not what was expected. And since I'm giving opinions, if one says that they don't like these albums simply because it's just bad music, I say bullshit. :c)


Anonymous Slim said ... (3/1/08 2:59 pm) : 

I agree with the last writer Bluebaleen. The last Garbage record was more raw than ever before. But I thought it was a fantastic album. And it got nothing but praise when it came out. What happened now? All of a sudden everyone's turning on it???
The songs were very well polished and produced with great hooks!
Now Beautifulgarbage I know everyone hates that record. I for one, don't. Maybe I'm just biased though but I recall the band saying that THAT record was an experimental album. And they took a chance I guess because at that point in time (1999-2000) they were on top of the game and not knowing that music was ready to change yet again.

But I'm glad to see that they released that record instead of the talked about B-Sides they were gonna release. I just thought it was way too early to be putting out a B-Sides record then.
Although, what they should've done was release the B-Side songs on the second disc of the Absolute garbage CD that was just put out instead of all those crappy dance mixes of songs we already owned.
And they should've included the new video for "Tell Me Where It Hurts" and the other left out vids on that DVD release. THAT made no sense and was VERY disappointing.
I mean what was the reasoning behind that??? We are fans and want it ALL!!! Don't skimp out songs because the majority of the stupid public doesn't like a song or video. 9 times out of 10 the true fans are there to back it up and support it!

Anyway, as far as the solo Shirley Manson record is concerned, I'm really excited and looking forward to it. I know it'll be great. And to that other writer who hopes that it doesn't turn out to be like Gwen Stafani's solo album did which was all pop/dance, I wouldn't worry. I could never see Ms. Manson releasing something like that. And if she did, god help us all. But you know what...I would be first in line to buy it anyway because that's how much of a fan I am of hers and garbage!

But please make another garbage record soon!!! And come play in Jersey too!!!


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