Monday, March 13, 2006

The Woman Who Sold The Rights

Geoff Trainor

All I can say is, it's about time. Courtney Love, widow of Nirvana's Kurt Cobain and ex-Hole frontwoman, has recently said that she plans to sell a share of her rights to Nirvana's back catalogue. Does this mean that the rights might get to where (this humble mocker thinks) they belong, into the hands of band members Grohl and Novoselic? Sorry, to get you excited, but it isn't likely.

Love told NME,

"I have decided that I need some co-management and a strategic partner (to help me]) as it's such a huge responsibility. This is the right thing to do for my family...whoever I do this deal with, I really have to like."

I really have to like? Well, that takes Grohl out of the picture. The two have been feuding over the rights ever since Cobain's death in 1994. Both appearing on radio talks shows like Howard Stern and speaking openly about their dislike for one another.

It does seem like a step in the right direction. Still, what are the motives behind this sudden change oh heart? I guess Love's debut solo adventure, America's Sweetheart, didn't do as well as she had hoped.

The March 12th edition of The Sunday Mirror reports that she's thinking of selling "25 per cent of the catalogue for quite a lot of money."

Nirvana - Aneurysm (Demo Version)
Nirvana - Return of the Rat (Outtake)
Foo Fighters - My Hero (Acoustic on Howard Stern)
Foo Fighters - Stacked Actors (Inspired by Courtney Love)

Nirvana - With The Lights Out
Foo Fighters - In Your Honor

Comments on "The Woman Who Sold The Rights"


Blogger michele said ... (13/3/06 7:32 pm) : 

Wow people are fighting over who gets the rights to crappy music?
I swear the world is coming to an end.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (14/3/06 2:39 am) : 

Wow, another crappy comment? I swear the map of the world is covering the entire top of your site michele.


Blogger said ... (14/3/06 4:09 am) : 

Personally, Courtney love is high on my list of people that the world would be better left without. I agree with you, she has no rights to the music anyways, they should have been her daughters at the very least. She's a bad bad woman.


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