Friday, June 30, 2006

Live From Oxford, On A Friday!

Geoff Trainor

Many of you probably think you know Radiohead. Nineties prog-rock, riding the waves of the post-punk electronica. You are partially right, but their story goes back further than that.

In was a cool summer morning in Oxford, England, 1990, three years before Radiohead as you know them would take the world by storm with their hit debut. A young Thom Yorke was waiting at a barstool for his audition for vocalist lead in some local house band, when he stumbled upon a newspaper ad.

Wanted: Back-up vocalist for new band, "On a Friday." Have a record deal!

Willing to do anything to get his foot in the door, Yorke went to meet the band, fronted by Geoff Trainor.

The Original Line-Up For On A Friday

Little did Trainor know that the rest of the band, Jonny Greenwood, Ed O'Brien, Colin Greenwood and Phil Selway, were looking to replace their tyrannical frontman. Canadian born Trainor never quite fit in with the rest of the band, despite having written all their songs.

It was Greenwood who came up with the plan. They had all the material they needed for numerous releases, so all they had to do was find a replacement singer. Greenwood convinced Trainor that the band needed another voice to add a bit of harmony to the group.

When Yorke arrived, Greenwood knew instantly that he would be the one to replace Trainor, mostly because he thought his name sounded better, more rock and roll. So Yorke was in, and Trainor slowly faded out. They changed their name to Radiohead and by 1992, it was as if he never existed. The band, with Yorke at the helm, released their first stolen single, Creep, in 1993.

Radiohead, years later, pretend not to know Geoff

As far as Radiohead goes, the rest you already know. Trainor on the other hand was forced to go solo. He waited 20 or so years and attempted a come back with a friend of his, Jack.

With Yorke's solo album being released on July 10th, maybe the band will ask for Geoff's return. I'm sure they feel scorned. But will he have them back?

Here are some other offenders:

The Cure - Creep
Pedro the Lion - Let Down
Tallywood Strings - Optimistic
Dresden Dolls - Karma Police
Brad Mehldau - Paranoid Android
Husky - Idioteque
Lunasect - How To Disappear Completely
The Willies - Creep
Jamie Cullum - High & Dry
Mountain Goats - No Surprises
Mayfield - Fake Plastic Trees
Tori Amos - Karma Police
Osunlade & Erro - Everything In Its Right Place
Steve Jaunzemis - Kid A

Radiohead - OK Computer
Thom Yorke - The Eraser
Various Artists - Exit Music: Songs for Radio Heads
Various Artists - Engmatic: The String Quartet Tribute to Radiohead

Comments on "Live From Oxford, On A Friday!"


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (30/6/06 2:55 pm) : 

you sure that's the cure? dude sounds nothing like robert smith. and that mountain goats cover sucks! peace.


Anonymous A Mountain Goat said ... (30/6/06 3:53 pm) : 

Sorry dude. Way to contribute.


Anonymous CubikArubik said ... (30/6/06 9:15 pm) : 

re: "Sorry dude. Way to contribute.'
F**king classic mate!

re: Osunlade & Erro
F**king classic mate!



Blogger The Trick said ... (2/7/06 1:52 am) : 

It's definitely not The Cure. Somebody with a British accent, but that's as far as I could guess.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2/7/06 6:27 am) : 

How can anybody even imagine the Cure to cover "Creep"? Such a person has no clue about the Cure and music and history and the world in general.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2/7/06 12:43 pm) : 

Actually The Cure did a studio cover of Creep several years ago, not sure if this is them as pointed out it doesn't sound like Robert Smith, but they did cover it!
Also Moby did a cover of creep at Glastonbury last year, it was the closing song of the Festival!


Anonymous Cousy said ... (2/7/06 10:48 pm) : 

Dude, great post on Radiohead.

A shame you got kicked out by those jerks. Dead grotty, they are.

When's your solo record expected to drop? :P


Anonymous radiokid311 said ... (8/7/06 4:47 pm) : 

Its actually the lead singer from Tears for Fears and the cover was done years ago.

I read somewhere that Radiohead had opened for them back in the early days and that the singer for Tears for Fears decided to cover it and apparently performed it in a really obnoxious and over-dramatic way.


Blogger Sfar said ... (15/7/06 11:16 am) : 

ce ne sont pas les Cure qui jouent cette cover, en tout cas pes Cure de Robert Smith !!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (21/9/06 11:43 am) : 

the cure never, ever recorded a version of creep -- live, studio or otherwise.


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