Saturday, May 06, 2006

Bearsuit Lawsuit Settles At $30 Million

Geoff Trainor

Oops, I mean Bearshare, always get those two mixed up. In the continuing saga of the RIAA vs Everyone, the US-based company Free Peer Inc. (the company behind Bearshare) have made a $30 miilion settlement to avoid legal action from the music industry.

Bearshare Battles RIAA
It Was A Heated Battle Between The Two Leading Up To The Settlement

As part of the settlement, they have agreed to no longer operate any unlicenced online music operations, and must sell the rights to their technology, user data and the right to the Bearshare domain to another company.

iMesh, now a licenced music provider after their own $4 million agreement in 2004, have taken over the Bearshare operations.

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Blogger Casey Dorrell said ... (7/5/06 1:48 am) : 

That picture is so great, I'm pretty sure I must be responsible for it.


Blogger Geoff Trainor said ... (7/5/06 2:38 am) : 

Ha, I knew you'd like it. I had to fill the HP meter, as the RIAA was near death in the original picture.

I tried downloading a FF font for it to, but I could onyl find Playstation FF title fonts.


Blogger Geoff Trainor said ... (9/5/06 2:06 am) : 

I am very disappointed with all of you. That is perhaps the best picture I've done since the Eels one. I expect comments on sweet pictures like that one.


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