Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Guess That Art: A Mocking Music Contest (Pt. 5)

Calum Marsh

Sure, the Mocking Music 'Guess That Art' contest is bit of a novelty. But these days, when we're constantly surrounded by the digital, who doesn't appreciate a steady weekly ceremony to keep things calm and orderly? We want the atmosphere of our site to site to calm you down, to make you forget your failures, and make you feel like you're truly the leaders of men. Here's this week's mockery:

The are seven song titles hidden in the paragraph above. Your mission: correctly identify this week's mockery picture (artist and album), and, for a special bonus prize, locate all seven song titles. We let you off with an easy mockery last week, so I think this week's difficulty is warranted. Same deal as usual: email us ( or with your guesses and we'll select one winner at random this time next week.

Last week's lucky winner is Josh Burnett, of Carteret, New Jersey, who correctly recognized our simply mockery as Interpol's sophomore record, Antics. Congratulations, Josh! You won seven Pearl Jam CDs, I think! Casey sir, what fabulous prize will our dear readers be competing for this week?


This week, we've plain run out of prizes. We've got nothing. So, while he was out we broke into Calum's house and stole CD's! We will be giving away every single CD Calum previously owned. Those who email us the answer within 24 hours, if chosen, will also win Calum's vinyl collection. And, as an added treat, if you decipher the first paragraph in full, we'll also throw in a recently acquired television set, couch, bed, and wallet full of novelty Calum Marsh identification! Who's a trendy indie-kid film major! You are, baby!

Ok, I'm being told that we have to give Calum back his things, apparently telling me we needed a prize wasn't the implicit, "What's mine is yours" message I took it to be. Apologies. Seriously, though, kids, we've got nothing we're willing to part with this week. So, as we consider putting our contests on hold for a few weeks, this week we're offering two weeks worth of free advertising on our site (through blogads) for whatever you like. In addition, we're offering two carefully crafted mix albums made by Calum and I. Finally, if you manage to decipher the first paragraph, in full, we'll throw in a secret bonus prize (worth about 20 dollars!).

Yeah, so we're scraping the bottom of the proverbial barrel (don't you like when writers add in "proverbial" as though that excuses the use of cliche?), but at the very least you get the chance to win the fleeting admiration of others. Good luck.


And, once more, here is another rare Death Cab For Cutie B-Side. It occurred to me that every single one of my rare Death Cab tracks came from Tim, who has an awesome short film on YouTube - I insist you watch it here (fans of David Lynch or The Raveonettes will surely be impressed).

Buh-bah, this is the sound of good blogging:

Death Cab For Cutie - 405 (acoustic)
Interpol - Direction (non-album track)

Death Cab For Cutie - We Have The Facts And We're Voting Yes
Interpol - Antics

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