Saturday, February 04, 2006

Everything Is Automatic

Geoff Trainor

These days it seems like human involvement is so minimal in our everyday life. Push this button, flick that switch, move this lever (okay, we've moved beyond levers for the most part too).

In fact, the newest Jim Carrey, Fun With Dick & Jane, has a character with a voice controlled automatic car starter. In said film, Rancid's Time Bomb plays in the background during a later scene. Okay, you don't see the connection. Seems I have to spell it out for you. Time Bomb is from Rancid's (arguably their best) ...And Out Come The Wolves, which includes the song...are you ready? She's Automatic.

I know some of you (okay, all of you) are asking, "Where is this going Geoff?". My response? Nowhere. But listening to AOCtW last night reminded me of other "Automatic" songs, which inspired this post. Some of these songs I've heard previously, some I searched out for the purpose of this post. In either case, enjoy!

- She's Automatic (MP3)
The song that inspired this post...kinda. This song brings me back to my punk days of high school. Not the best song from the album, but it's the only one that fits.

Matthew Good Band - Everything Is Automatic (MP3)
Great song, from one the album before MGB went downhill, and then back uphill and then broke up. I remember when this song was out was around the time Matt Good was having his little battle of the Canadian bands with OLP frontman Raine Maida....speaking of which.

Our Lady Peace - Automatic Flowers (MP3)
This song is one of my all-time favourites from back when the band weren't so...well so-so. Clumsy was, and still is one my top ten albums. The managed two more great albums before going into mediocre land.

Marlango - Automatic Imperfection (MP3)
This is the first of the songs I searched out specifically for this post. Anything with soothing female vocals is good. Very Fiona Appleish. Not bad to look at either.

Definately Worth Checking Out...Her Music I Mean

Bad Religion - Automatic Man (MP3)
I've always been a fan of this song. Oddly it never came to mind when I was thinking of songs, just happened upon it in my searches. Standard Bad Religion stuff, so if you are familiar with them, you know this song.

Hot Snakes - Automatic Midnight (MP3)
Hot Snakes are a band I've heard of, but never heard. Great punk sound on this one. Starts off with a sound similar to the 60 Batman theme. Trust me, it works. Very catchy.

The Strokes - Automatic Stop (MP3)
The Strokes are a band I liked instantly. One of the few bands that friend Mike Praught turned me onto that didn't suck. Sadly I still have never bought one of their albums. This song is kinda making want to go out and do so though.

The Hives - Automatic Schmuck (MP3)
I have yet to be disappointed by The Hives. Every song they release is like some catchy anthem. This song is from their earlier days, and it's definately more rooted in punk than their newer releases.

Less Than Jake - Automatic (MP3)
So much of this music brings me back to high school. I remember Less Than Jake's Borders & Bounderies getting much airtime in Casey's car as he drove me about (important person that I was). Great mixture of ska and punk.

Delorean - Automatic (MP3)
I don't know who this band is. All searches lead to a metal band of the same name. Still, great indie sound to these guys. That, and I've always been a fan of the Delorean in Back to the Future, although it is clearly a standard transmission.

The Vibrators - Automatic Lover (MP3)
I enjoy this song, mostly because it's called Automatic a band called The Vibrators. To me it sounds like Tim Armstrong of Rancid singing 70's punk. Always an enjoyable combination.

Rainer Maria - Automatic (MP3)
I don't particularly like this song. I hear from Casey that she is in fact good, but I have yet to hear proof. Still, it seems a lot of people visiting might enjoy this, so I decided to add it anyway. Also, someone might whine if I don't.

R.E.M. - Everybody Hurts (MP3)
This song gets an honourable mention due to the fact that it comes from the album, Automatic For The People. I also happen to enjoy R.E.M. so I can change the rules all I like.

Conclusion? Punk seems to be the most automatic of genres, scoring 6 of 12 entries (excluding R.EM.). During my searches I came across a lot of other songs that could have been included. I didn't like them, so you will never get to hear them. Oh, the power we have. Now excuse me while I turn on my coffee maker.

Rancid - She's Automatic
Matthew Good Band - Everything Is Automatic
Our Lady Peace - Automatic Flowers
Marlango - Automatic Imperfection
Bad Religion - Automatic Man
Hot Snakes - Automatic Midnight
The Strokes - Automatic Stop
The Hives - Automatic Schmuck
Less Than Jake - Automatic
Delorean - Automatic
The Vibrators - Automatic Lover
Rainer Maria - Automatic
R.E.M. - Everybody Hurts

Rancid - ...And Out Come The Wolves
Matthew Good Band - Underdogs
Our Lady Peace - Clumsy
The Hives - Barely Legal
Less Than Jake - Losing Streak
R.E.M. - Automatic For The People

Comments on "Everything Is Automatic"


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4/2/06 11:12 am) : 

marlango's a little 'too' imitative of brilliant nutcase fiona for my taste... but leonor (lead singer) is indeed sexy... check out Almodovar's 'Talk to her' to appreciate HOW sexy


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4/2/06 11:41 am) : 

I _______ this post. It was very ________. I especially ________ the __________ part of this post. How _______.

Thanks ________.


Blogger Michele said ... (5/2/06 7:10 pm) : 

As usual i don't know what you are talking about..ha ha. Try not to cheat this time quoting inxs it
ain't pretty.I wouldn't trust you in a game of cards.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7/2/06 7:52 pm) : 

The indie band is Dolorean ... so spelled probably cos of rights to the car name...

Think they're on Yep Roc or some other 'name' indie-ish label.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (13/2/06 5:33 am) : 

Suggestion: Automatic Love by the recently deceased Chris Withley. I'll try and dig it up somewhere.


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