Friday, May 12, 2006

Weird Muse

Casey Dorrell

Two short works about Eef Barzelay, lead singer of the indie-turned-major-
label-turned-indie band Clem Snide:

Eef Barzelay
Weird by Jeff Reichman
Jeff retired from the music industry at the age of 20 after a nine week tour that left him drained mentally and physically. He later enrolled in the MA Creative Writing program at Temple University. "Weird" was his first attempt to reconcile the experience of live music with the power of language. [From Mississippi Review]

Eef Barzelay, You're Not That Weird by Dawn Tefft
Dawn Tefft holds an M.A. in English, recently taught composition and literature courses at Columbia College and Roosevelt University in Chicago, and has just begun working on a Ph.D. in Creative Writing at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in the fall of 2005. She was a finalist in Winnow Press's Open Book Award in Poetry in 2004 and previously won the Academy of American Poets Prize at Southern Illinois University Carbondale.

[From Mudlark]

Clem Snide - Weird
Clem Snide - Beautiful (live version this time)
Clem Snide - Frustrated Poet

Clem Snide

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me thinks you need a little liquid in yr cup...


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good old Muse


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